10 Spectacular Aloe Uses

In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties that help clear up acne, aloe vera can also reduce acne scars as it regenerates the skin.

Currently, aloe vera, or aloe vera, is a vital ingredient in the preparation of different home remedies, whether administered orally or applied to the skin. Next, we’ll tell you what some of these uses are.

1. Skin Remedies

One of the most special uses of this natural product is skin care, whether for burns or for treating scars. That’s because its  gel noticeably speeds up the healing process, improving blood circulation around the wound.

In addition, it also plays a good role in protecting against UV rays. You can apply an aloe cream minutes before being exposed to the sun so that it protects you, although the use of sunscreens is essential.

2. Aloe relieves constipation

Aloe relieves constipation

Aloe latex is recommended to induce diarrhea, becoming a purgative in order to clean the bowel. It is recommended that continuous use is not made, as with frequent use, the effect on the intestine is lost.

3. Relieves oral problems

Aloe pulp helps to relieve wounds, gingivitis and stomatitis in a simple way: mash a little pulp and put it in your mouth. However, you must make sure you are in contact with the wound.

4. Aloe fights colon problems

If you have problems with your colon, a recipe that will help you to reduce your discomfort and burning stomach consists of a mixture of honey, orange juice, a spoon of aloe juice and a glass of water. Therefore, take this drink daily on an empty stomach for best results.

5. Helps to prevent acne

It is a good remedy against acne as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Look for soaps, creams and lotions that contain aloe and use morning and night. This will not only help with the pimples, but also to control the oil that builds up on your face. Also, you can use an aloe vera gel on the pimples to reduce swelling.

6. Aloe helps in cellulite reduction

Aloe helps in cellulite reduction

Since aloe has high benefits in the dermatological field, its use against cellulite is common. However, it should be clarified that it should not be used alone, as it is necessary to do physical exercises. In addition, it is also necessary to maintain a balanced position and that the legs are massaged regularly.

7. It is beneficial to the hair

As in the skin, aloe acts on the hair as a sunscreen, taking care of the scalp against UV rays. Likewise, it protects the strands against everyday damage, such as in the case of dry weather, wind, rain, dryness and oiliness, for example, making hair shinier and silkier.

8. Aloe helps to eliminate dandruff

Aloe helps to eliminate dandruff

When washing your hair with Aloe Vera, dandruff is removed from the skin in such a way that you only need to brush your hair to completely eliminate it. Repeat this a few times and you will see that the result is significant.

9. It is an excellent relaxant

Aloe has anesthetic properties that relax the muscles of the head. So, massage a little aloe into the scalp when washing your hair to get an anti-stress effect.

10. Serves to reduce weight

Aloe is used to lose weight and reduce measures

As a plant with depurative properties, aloe is a good ally to lose weight. By mixing it with lemon, we obtain the purifying property together with the detoxifying properties. Therefore, the consumption of juice with the following ingredients is highly recommended:

  • 1 medium leaf of aloe, in pieces with the spines already removed
  • 1 spoon of honey
  • juice of a lemon

Beat in blender and strain. Drink the juice as soon as you get up to give yourself time to digest before breakfast. Also,  to improve the effects, try to have a healthy diet and exercise routine for at least three days a week. 

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