10 Wonderful Benefits Of Natural Honey

Thanks to its content of antioxidants and other nutrients, organic bee honey can help us both internally and externally. Get to know some of its properties.

Natural honey is a product with many health and beauty benefits. Unlike the industrialized version, it is not pasteurized and has not been subjected to processes where many of its properties are lost.

Through pasteurization, the product is prevented from crystallizing and it is possible to keep a fresh appearance for longer; however, this procedure causes the destruction of your enzymes, antioxidants and many other nutrients that make you healthy.

Although it is a little more expensive and difficult to acquire,  organic honey  is one of the best remedies  available at home.

So that you don’t think twice before purchasing this variety of honey, below we’ll share 10 important and wonderful benefits you can derive from it. Check out!

1. Natural honey favors sleep

The consumption of natural honey before bedtime  is a good remedy to combat insomnia  and the disorders that prevent us from being able to sleep for the proper amount of hours.

This food favors nighttime relaxation and stimulates the action of tryptophan in the brain, giving way to the release of melatonin, a vital hormone for the daily regulation of sleep.

2. Helps fight constipation

Upon reaching the body, honey has a mild laxative effect that  can be used to alleviate problems of slow intestinal transit or constipation.

This is due to its high content of fructooligosaccharides ( FOS ), whose main function is to energize, but also to regulate digestive difficulties to eliminate waste.

Furthermore, the nutrients present in honey  are the preferred food for the bacteria that make up the intestinal flora.

3. Improves brain function

Brain health is one of the most important things for any human being. To support it, we must maintain healthy habits and provide the brain with the necessary energy to perform each of its functions.

Due to its natural sugars, antioxidants and other nutrients,  natural honey is considered a good natural energizer.

Its regular consumption  acts as a boost to improve physical and mental performance,  and has a protective effect on the brain.

4. Relieves wounds and burns


Few ingredients are as good at relieving minor wounds and burns as bee honey.

It has a strong antibiotic and healing action that  serves to disinfect and speed up the recovery process from these injuries.

5. Fights acne and other skin disorders

The antibacterial agents in honey and its ability to regulate the pH of the skin make this ingredient a useful element in fighting acne and other skin disorders.

Its direct application stops bacterial growth,  fights allergies and reduces irritation caused by several factors.

6. Strengthens the immune system

It is considered one of the best natural remedies to fight infections and problems related to the respiratory system.

This is due to its antiviral effect, which  helps fight various types of microorganisms that weaken the body’s defenses.

In turn, its nutrients stimulate the immune response to prevent the attack of bacteria, viruses and other harmful agents.

7. Relieves chapped lips

Sudden changes in weather or various health problems can cause extreme dryness of the lips, to the point of cracking them.

By applying a little honey in this region it is possible to support the elimination of dead cells, providing the nutrients that the lips need to repair themselves.

8. Natural honey hydrates dry skin

For its moisturizing and repairing qualities, this ingredient is also one of the best treatments to cure dry skin disorders.

Its healing and antioxidant properties give it a protective layer against free radicals  in the environment, while other nutrients help in the skin’s natural moisturizing.

9. Fights cough

The combination of honey and lemon  has an antiviral and expectorant effect that promotes cough relief. Both help to eliminate the viruses and bacteria that cause the problem, soothing the sore throat and creating a protective layer in it.

10. It is a support to lose weight


Although it should not be thought that it is a miracle food to lose weight, its moderate consumption can become a support to lose a few pounds.

This food  causes positive metabolic changes and stimulates the release of serotonin, an  essential hormone for those who want to lose weight.

Remember if!

Due to the fact that natural honey is rich in sugars, it is not recommended for people who are diabetic or who have had episodes of high blood sugar levels.

It is recommended to consume small doses, preferably on an empty stomach or during breakfast.

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