11 Drinks And Food For Nervous People

Medicinal plants and herbs are well known for fighting anxiety… but which foods have the ability to calm people down? Discover the top 11! 
11 drinks and food for nervous people

People who have problems managing their emotions and, above all, their nerves, need to resort to different measures to help them improve or better deal with their condition, as  rigorous treatment is not always necessary.

In these cases,  the solution may be in the diet. So what are foods for nervous people?

These are natural products that provide benefits for the nervous system  and combat the effects of stress. Together they are a subtle (albeit powerful) measure.

Are there foods for nervous people?

There are many factors that contribute to a person being nervous. It is believed that when someone has this condition, it will not change. This is not entirely true. There are habits that should be discarded and others acquired that facilitate mental balance and peace.

Uninterrupted consumption of B vitamins and minerals such as manganese and phosphorus can be very helpful.

Check out the list of the most recommended drinks and foods for nervous people:


Food for nervous people

Vegetables, especially greens with darker tones, have many benefits for the nervous system. The green vegetables combined with fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

There are two ways to make better use of these foods. The first is the most popular: varied and diverse salads. The other way to consume them is in smoothies during breakfast.

  • Lettuce and watercress are a good choice.
  • Arugula also has these properties.
  • Spinach is rich in vitamins and contributes to the health of the nervous system.

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Oats are one of the cereals with the greatest amount of nutrients. It also provides fiber and protein. Oats act on the nervous system in two ways: it renews energy levels and acts against anxiety and irritability.

brewer’s yeast

It is also called “nutritional yeast” and is among the best foods for nervous people. It is characterized by having a considerable amount of group B vitamins. It also has the property of being  rich in calciumphosphorus and other minerals.

It can be combined with many other ingredients in a drink or salad to relieve anxiety and stress.


Basil is a food for nervous people

Its fundamental property is to be anti-stress. It also helps to treat stomach problems caused by somatizing emotional states.

Basil  is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Its form of consumption is very diverse. It can be consumed raw or in sauces and its oil can be used in relaxation baths.


Definitely dark chocolate, with cocoa concentration of more than 70%. More than a sweet is a food. It has antioxidant properties that help reduce the effects of stress.

Furthermore, chocolate has benefits for the nervous system. Stimulates the brain because it contains theobromine. It also contains flavonoids that protect blood vessels and aid cognitive function.


This delicious dried fruit has   an important antidepressant component. This is because it has a significant amount of fatty acids and helps in the production of serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that sends wellness signals to the brain and therefore to the rest of the body.

Nuts notably help to improve states of anxiety and depression. Two tablespoons of walnuts is enough.

Purple cabbage

Red cabbage is a food for nervous people

Like most fruits and vegetables that are purple in color,  cabbage has anthocyanins. Anthocyanins protect the body against heart disease.

Cabbage works by calming the mind, with which a state of relaxation is achieved. It also has anti-cancer properties and fights stress.


This is a natural relaxant. Relieves stress and helps fight insomnia and anxiety. It is traditionally used as a digestive and helps to expel intestinal gas.

Vervain is antispasmodic, excellent in the form of accompanying tea or juices; if combined with valerian, its effect is much better.


Valerian is one of the herbs best known for its calming properties. It combats insomnia  and is also recommended to reduce menstruation pain.

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Passionflower soup is a food for nervous people

This is a muscle and nerve relaxant. Given its effect, it is very interesting among foods for nervous people. In natural and herbal products stores,   essences of this plant can be obtained, which  can be dissolved with infusions  or even in orange juice.


This is a stimulant that  fights depression and chronic fatigue. Ginseng is an excellent remedy that comes from traditional Chinese medicine. It has sedative effects on stressed or anxious people. It can also be found in different presentations of teas, infusions, etc.

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