13 Easy Strategies For Freeing Your Mind And Managing Your Emotional World

Even if we don’t make this relationship, manual activities can be of great help when it comes to clearing our minds and organizing our thoughts and emotions.
13 Easy Strategies to Free Your Mind and Manage Your Emotional World

Freeing the mind is not easy. Our brain is not like a box to empty and fill at will.

And it’s not, in the first place, because many of the things that rob us of inner peace, balance, and the ability to focus on what’s important are emotions. Negative emotions.

Factors such as chronic anxiety or stress often make us feel frustrated, tired and even angry at the world.

This has happened at least once with all of us. Coming home and being unable to relax because pessimistic thoughts, the whirlwind of nervousness, headaches, and the hammer of bad mood keep coming to your mind.

If you go through times with this feeling and don’t know how to face such a stressful state, we propose to put these simple advices into practice.

They will be very useful.

Find out which emotions cause disturbance

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Before starting the exercises that we are going to propose, it is necessary to  identify which emotion or which emotions create the skein of your discomfort.

Sometimes, it is a cocktail of “states”: a little anguish, fear, sadness, disappointment, restlessness, etc.

To untangle that lock, we need to focus on relaxing. And for that, nothing better than starting to meditate.

Now, as curious as it may seem, learning to meditate is not easy. It takes a little time and practice.

We recommend a series of proposals that can allow you to establish a first assessment of yourself, to identify what happens to you and what emotions are piling up in your mind.

  • Go for a walk. Many people find it easier to meditate while walking, jogging, or taking light exercise.
  • Take a relaxing bath. It’s an ideal way to think about our stuff.
  • Set aside an hour for yourself, in solitude and silence. Take a notebook or sheet of paper and draw two columns.
    • In the first write  “what I feel”  and in the second  “what makes me feel that way”. Complete this exercise calmly and sincerely.

Free your mind according to the emotions that are within you

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1. feel anger, anger

Choose colored papers and, with your hands, cut them into strips.  Do it slowly, focusing your attention on the task.

When you’ve torn the paper into strips, braid it into strips. Little by little, you will be able to find a solution to your anger.

2. Need to understand something

Paint mandalas. This will allow you to get in touch with your thoughts, calmly and unhurriedly as you follow the form of the mandalas.

Little by little you will find the answer.

3. feel sad

Draw trees with long roots and tall branches that come into contact with the sun.

4. Feels distressed

Make a rag doll.

As you create each part, each edge, details of the face or hair, you will find a certain peace of identifying with this human form that was created by your hands.

5. feel worried

If you’re feeling worried, it’s a good idea to practice origami or papyroflexia. This delicate art consists of shaping papers without using scissors or glue. Only with your hands.

6. Need to remember something

If there’s something you want to remember, draw mazes.

7. Feels mentally drained

Draw flowers.

8. Need to find the solution to a problem

Draw an ocean with your waves and then paint it with the appropriate colors.

9. Feels stuck and doesn’t know how to get out of this situation

If you’re going through a difficult time when you notice great internal tension, full of anxiety, and you  can hardly find a moment to clear your mind, draw spirals.

10. Need to know what you want out of life

If you find yourself currently at a personal crossroads not knowing what you want or what you really expect from yourself,  do this: a  collage.

Cut out images that you like, that are welcoming. Put them together and think about them.

11. Need to organize ideas

In this case, it will be very useful to draw rectangles.

12. feel despair

We all go through moments like this. Punctual moments when everything is too big, when all of life seems to be on our backs, drowning us with its choking pressures and locks.

When you feel that way, try to draw paths. Draw paths, paths that cut but are joined by strong bridges.

13. feel upset

the mind

Being upset is not as intense as anger. It is an uncomfortable state, like a cloud that fills us with negative sensations that we cannot escape.

Every time that happens to you, every time you feel that way, it’s very helpful to draw lines across a blank sheet.

We’re sure these simple tips will come in handy at some point in your day.

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