3 Healthy Ways To Drink Coffee, Which Do You Prefer?

Don’t hesitate to add a little ground cinnamon to your coffee to keep your sugar levels balanced and to avoid snacking between meals.
3 healthy ways to drink coffee, which do you prefer?

Coffee, coffee, coffee! This essential drink, which gives us energy in the morning, wakes us up and enchants us with its dark color and its unsurpassed flavor. Are you in  love with coffee ? So, don’t miss this article. We will give you three tasty and healthy options for drinking coffee.


Why is coffee with cinnamon healthy?

Let’s take advantage of the properties of cinnamon for its slimming ability.

As is well known, cinnamon has the virtue of keeping the blood sugar level constant, so that there is neither an increase nor a drop in insulin that causes consequences.

This coffee and cinnamon drink will help us  control the glycemic index  and balance the level of body fat. For this to be effective, we have to have a cup every other day. Too easy.

If you want, you can combine each of the recipes we will teach you during the week, as they offer benefits and are delicious.

But how can I make my coffee with cinnamon?

This cinnamon coffee recipe can be prepared in several ways.

  • Machine: you only need to add a spoonful of powdered cinnamon to the coffee compartment (approximately 6 grams), then top up with the usual coffee and use the machine as usual. Add the amount of water you normally use. At breakfast, add a spoon of honey. It is very easy as there is no secret whatsoever; just add that pinch of powdered cinnamon.
  • In a pot:  put a glass of water and add a teaspoon (12 grams) of your choice. Add a stick of cinnamon and let it heat until it comes to a boil, turn off the heat and let it settle. When serving, do it in ceramic cups, as they keep the heat and keep their properties better. Sweeten with honey.

Cinnamon and honey are two nutritious foods, with many health properties and, in addition, with a delicious taste. Learn more below.

green coffee

Why is green coffee healthy?

Green coffee is in fashion. Well, it’s true that its flavor is a little stronger and acidic, but when you feel its texture in the mouth, it  ends up winning over us in a way that we want to drink it regularly.

But why is green coffee so healthy?

  • Green coffee is mainly used in cleansing and antioxidant diets. It’s one of the most antioxidant-rich drinks, it’s really medicinal and it will do us a lot of good if we drink it regularly.
  • Green coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, which translates into amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is ideal to lose weight, to clean our body and benefits us with multiple vitamins and minerals. Will you resist?

How do I make my green coffee?

It’s very easy, you’ll see! Just boil 15 grams of green coffee beans in 175 ml of water  and then  leave it on a minimum heat for about 15 minutes to obtain all its properties. Finally, we remove it from the heat and let the green coffee cool for about 20 minutes.

To enjoy all its benefits, it is convenient to take it twice in the morning. You will see the good it does.


Why is coffee with mint healthy?

This type of coffee will go very well on those mornings when, for example, you wake up with a headache, as it refreshes, moisturizes and, in addition, the combination of mint and coffee acts as a natural tonic full of wonderful antioxidants to start. the day.

In addition, we guarantee that the taste is tempting, a healthy gift for your taste buds and your body.

How do I make my coffee with mint?

  • Prepare your cup of coffee as usual, either in the machine, espresso or in the pot. The way to prepare it does not matter.
  • Now, in a glass of fresh water, put  two drops of mint essence. You know you can easily find it in supermarkets as well as health food stores.
  •  Once the mint essence is already mixed with fresh water, add the cup of coffee already prepared. Add two drops of lemon juice and sweeten as you like; this combination is delicious and very refreshing.

Which of the recipes will you stay with? You can combine each morning the one you want to start the day, although we recommend that the latter, the mint, be prepared on those days when, for example, you wake up with a headache. It’s also a good afternoon snack.

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