4 Beauty Tips For A Busy Mom

Finding an easy and supportive hairstyle is one of the best things you can do to save time in your daily life and be able to dedicate that time to your role as a mother.
4 Beauty Tips for a Busy Mom

Every year we have the commemorative date in charge of paying homage to one of the most important beings for all people: mothers.

It is about those women who are proud of having given a piece of themselves to bestow the wonderful miracle of life.

However,  becoming a mother is not synonymous with renouncing your essence as a woman. It’s sad when many of them put aside their beauty and their image.

A woman who plays the role of a mother is a very busy human being. The more children you have, the busier your schedule and routine will be.

It’s just that such factors make life a little “normal”, to call it in some way.

This, in the long run, implies leaving in second place practices that were very common before pregnancy, such as the look, makeup and beauty rituals.

They all start to be replaced by diapers, cribs, lunch boxes…. It is necessary to manage many of the children’s things (depending on how old they are), without forgetting our duties at work as well.

All of this leaves little or no time for ourselves.

Beauty Advice for a Busy Mom

a busy mother with children

Based on what has been said before, we’re going to expose a series of sensational advice for saving time in everyday life. Don’t hesitate to put them into practice when you need them most.

1. An easy hairstyle

The main objective is to save time in order to alleviate the busyness of the day. Therefore, focusing on hair is critical.

With regard to this, hairstyle is one of the most complex rituals to perform on a daily basis, as it represents a great expense of time and although it may be worth it, there are alternatives to make it easier.

  • A recommended example is the famous “ponytail”, a practical, easy and quick hairstyle. It’s clear that it takes some science, but it’s not as time-consuming as other hairstyles that can take hours.
  • On the other hand, it’s obvious that you won’t be using it every day. Although they are beautiful and easy to make, the idea is not to look the same every day.

Sometimes it is also recommended to ask a stylist for advice.

2. Take a shower at night

a busy mother taking a shower

Bathing is another important moment of the day and, as such, requires considerable time to be done.

Therefore, the recommendation is based on taking a shower at night, well before going to sleep. The next morning all you have to do is get up, put on your makeup, get dressed and do your homework and work.

The great advantage, without a doubt, is  the time savings and vitality with which you face the next day. However, many people are not comfortable with this type of routine.

If you are a busy mom and want to save time to look better and do your homework, this is advice that cannot be dismissed.

3. Alleviate dark circles

Dark circles are present as a result of tiredness, lack of sleep and accumulated stress from routine. For a busy mother they can become the common denominator, and dull the beauty of the face and eyes.

That’s why we should alleviate dark circles in any way, to give a better look to the face.

There are several ways, mostly cosmetic, to reduce their impact. The problem is that most tend to take a long time, which is for other relevant activities of the day.

Despite this, you can always take four to five minutes to get rid of dark circles.

What to do?

Apply a lightening cream to the underside of the eyes and the upper part of the cheeks.

This way you will also give life to the skin on your face and the few hours of sleep will go completely unnoticed.

4. Wash your hair every day

A busy mother washing her hair

One of the tips to prevent hair loss is to wash it every day. This practice will decrease the probability of affecting you with moisture and fragility.

Not only that, but it can also save valuable time for other parenting activities.

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