4 Sentences You Should Never Tell A Doctor

Never forget that your doctor is a professional specialist in medicine and that, therefore, he knows all the steps to be followed to diagnose a disease. 

Perhaps you are one of those people who investigate symptoms on the internet and imagine everything you will say to your doctor.

Have you forgotten how many years doctors studied to graduate? Their profession should not be taken lightly.

So, and out of respect,  we have to avoid saying some things in front of them. We don’t want to offend these capable people who are dedicated to saving lives.

Before going to the doctor, the only thing you should do is make an appointment. Don’t worry about technical words, your doctor will understand what you’re saying. Remember they are human too.

There are those who worry about wasting time in the medical appointment, and there are also those who don’t want to spend money on something that they can self-diagnose.

Among the phrases that it is best to avoid telling the doctor are:

1.“I am sure it is…”

doctor's glasses

We live in a technological age where research is facilitated. So when it hurts our head, we rush to ask  Doctor Google  and with just one click we think we know everything.

Until a friend forces you to consult a specialist and that’s when you drop this first sentence.

You believe you are a know-it-all and that can harm the doctor. If you decide to close your mind, thinking that an internet searcher has the answer, you may not be able to cure yourself.

Doctors have studied hard to obtain their title and have experience. If you say you searched for symptoms on the internet they will feel that you do not trust your professionalism.

Even though many medical articles are written by doctors, face-to-face consultations get better results. Before seeking medical advice, many patients were already self-diagnosed.

This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t because we often misdiagnose. A nosebleed, for example, does not always imply an allergic disease. We may have some things changed.

It is necessary to go through the protocol that has the purpose of determining the medical diagnosis.

2. “This is a product of stress”

It has been medically proven that stress can produce illness. Cancer and heart problems are an example of this. However,  we cannot diminish the importance of the symptoms presented.

A headache, for example, is not just due to stress. When you experience frequent headaches, consult your doctor. This is a sign that something is not right with your health and your body is sending you a message.

If your problem is stress, your doctor will no doubt suggest changes to your lifestyle.

3. “I think I wasted my time” 

It is common for people to be afraid of wasting their time when looking for a doctor. Waiting patiently becomes almost impossible when we have work to do.

Another excuse for not seeing a doctor because of a matter of time is to think that the diagnosis we will receive is the one we imagine.

Among the existing professions, the doctor is the one that requires the greatest delivery. They see many patients who just scream and don’t listen to the professional’s warnings.

Still, they look after their health and care about the people they have in their hands. Doctors are more patient than the same patients.

Some people aggravate the disease by disregarding  medical advice.

However, we hear them say to the doctor: “I think I wasted my time”. But, doctors go back to seeing the patient as if it were the first time.

So don’t think you’ve wasted time with just one appointment. It’s not bad to go do a review. If you feel something is not right, go check it out.

Cardiologist Suzanne Steinbaum, director of female heart health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York (United States), said the following:

4.”Aren’t you a doctor?”

man consulting the doctor

This phrase becomes quite uncomfortable for any specialist. We’ve already mentioned that doctors are human. They are not robots, but they have feelings like us.

So, we have to be polite about expressing ourselves in front of them; as well as treating them with the same respect that is expected of doctors.

Also, listen carefully to your doctor’s instructions. Maybe because you think you’re unprofessional, you don’t listen to all the indications.

If you were patient and didn’t understand everything, talk in a civilized way. No offense is necessary, not even when your doctor really doesn’t want to listen. If so, better find another professional.

Be aware of what you say

You own what you silence, but you are a slave to what you say. Once the words come out of your mouth, you can’t control what they provoke in other people.

A simple phrase like the ones mentioned causes harm even to these great professionals. Think carefully about what you are going to say and maintain a good relationship with your doctor.

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