4 Ways To Wax Your Wooden Floor

Since wood is a material that tends to become opaque due to lack of care, it is important to find an adequate method to wax and maintain it. 
4 Ways to Wax Your Hardwood Floor

Waxing the wooden floor is one of the most time-consuming tasks at home, however,  nowadays we can have access to several methods to make it shiny without too much difficulty. 

If you go a long time without good maintenance, you will notice that, little by little, the wood loses its characteristic and elegant feel, as the dirt makes it look dull and stained.

What is the best way to wax a wooden floor? Even though the use of traditional wax remains in force, nowadays there are other interesting products that fulfill the same purpose.

In this article we’ve  shared 4 effective ways to make this work  so you can apply them when you want to see the wood shiny and clean. Take note!

What should I use to wax a wooden floor?

There are several products available on the market for waxing wooden floors. Traditional wax is still used on plank floors, however, if wood is special, we have to use other varieties.

You can wax your wooden floor with a cloth and natural products

If the floor is unvarnished wood, linoleum or cork, it  is appropriate to use liquid wax or oil. It is not recommended to use this type of wax on vinyl, urethane-finished, or unwaxed floors.

Another excellent alternative is water-based silicone rinse aid. This can be used on almost all floors, except those that are cork, linoleum or unsealed wood.

The right paste can be used to give shine to floors with linoleum, cork, concrete and without varnish,  it should not be used over vinyl material or with urethane finishes.

There are some homemade waxes that help to leave any wooden surface with a shiny and renewed finish. Its use may vary depending on the recipe.

Effective Ways to Wax Wooden Floors

If you already know which is the most suitable wax for the floor,  the next step is to learn how to apply it correctly  so that the material looks like new. Is ready? Get to work!

1. Liquid wax and oil

  • Clean the floor surface to eliminate any traces of dirt and dust.
  • Moisten a soft cotton cloth with the wax and rub the floor evenly.
  • When finished drying, skip with a clean towel or polish.
  • When you notice that only the enamel remains, it is because it is already dry.
You can wax your wooden floor with a brush.

2. Water-based silicone rinse aid

  • Sweep and clean the floor to remove the sebum that accumulates on the surface and joints of the boards.
  • Dampen a clean cloth and pour in some silicone rinse aid.
  • Apply a light layer over the wooden floor, avoiding bubbles.
  • Then, when it’s dry, skim the floor with a clean towel or polish.
  • After applying each coat, wait for it to dry well before polishing again before putting on another one.

3. Paste wax

  • Sweep or vacuum the floor before applying the product.
  • When it is clean and dry, dampen a soft cotton cloth that is free of fluff.
  • Apply a little wax to the surface following the directions on the label.
  • Let it dry and skip it with a clean towel or polish.
  • When the surface becomes cloudy, the wax is already dry.

4. Homemade wax and turpentine recipe

If you choose to use a homemade product, we propose to make  a simple recipe for beeswax and turpentine,  two ingredients with an oily texture that leave the wood clean and shiny.

It is a toxic chemical-free preparation  that can be used both on floors and furniture that are beginning to look opaque or patchy.


  • ¼ cup of grated beeswax (50 g).
  • ¼ cup of turpentine (62 ml).

Method of preparation

  • Pour the grated beeswax into a heat resistant container and place it to melt the Maria bath.
  • When it starts to run, stir it with a wooden spatula and add the turpentine little by little.
  • Mix until obtaining a homogeneous product and remove from heat.
  • Allow to stand at room temperature and store the product in a screw cap container.

if the smell of turpentine bothers you, you can add some essential oils to minimize it.

Application mode

  • Clean the surface of the wooden floor and apply as much wax as you feel is necessary.
  • Rub with a microfiber cloth until you get the desired shine.

Choose the most appropriate method for waxing your wooden floor and take care  to keep it looking attractive.  As you can see, the way to do it is almost at the table, only the choice of wax varies.

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