5 Steps To Self-examination Of The Skin

It’s important that you know the steps to self-examination of the skin so that you don’t miss out on any doubtful signs. Take note!
5 steps to self-examination of the skin

The skin is continually exposed to different factors in the environment and, as it is one of the most important organs in the body, we must be aware of any changes that we may observe in it. So it’s good that you learn to do a skin self-examination every now and then, as there is no one who can know your body better than you.

Any change is important and worth taking into account. If you apply these simple steps to self-exam your skin, you will be able to detect any abnormalities quickly and treat them in time.  Remember that early detection of any disease is the key to successful treatment.

There are several diseases that can affect the skin, some more serious than others, so it is very important that you can carry out a simple assessment in the comfort of your own home. It’s always better to be cautious when it comes to our health.

So pay close attention to these simple steps to self-exam your skin; it’s not just about looking, but trying to examine every inch of your skin so you can notice even the smallest change, detecting the signals your body gives you.

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Steps for skin self-examination

1. Search for the necessary add-ons

The first thing you should do is look for a place with adequate lighting;  it could be a bedroom or bathroom; the important thing is that the light allows you to observe well and also makes you comfortable. So if you can have privacy or be with someone you trust, it will be much better.

For this you will need a wall mirror and another hand mirror. If the wall mirror is full length, so much better because you can cover a wider area. Also, it is recommended that you have a comb nearby for reviewing the scalp, and a low mirror for evaluating the lower body.

2. Facing the mirror

You should stand in front of the wall mirror and very carefully check the skin on your face.  Remember that every millimeter is important. To start, look closely around the eyes, the eyelids, the corners of the lips, all sides of the nose, and the skin of the ears.

In this case, you may need the hand mirror to be able to see the back of your ears. You should take into account the general condition of the skin, whether it is dry or very oily.

Likewise, you should check for any changes in color, appearance of moles, freckles or spots. If you detect them, you need to look at their size, borders, and colors.

3. Scalp review

With the help of a comb, carefully separate the hair into several parts, carefully examining each area. Using the hand mirror, look at your back and the area behind your ears. If you have moles, notice the coloration, the edges or if they have an increase in size. Likewise, you should check your scalp for any swollen areas or inflammation, or for areas of alopecia.

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4. Trunk review

You should go down slowly and check the skin on your neck and chest. In the case of women, they must carefully examine the breasts and below them; the abdomen, arms, the skin of the elbows  and the armpit area.

In these areas of the skin, dryness is an unpleasant appearance that usually appears due to the direct influence of the sun. Likewise, examine the skin on both hands, sides and between fingers and nails. Remember that this is a part of the body that gets a lot of exposure, so it’s very easy to spot signs there.

With the hand mirror, carefully check the shoulder area and lower back. Try running your hand at different angles and feel for any different texture, lump, nodule, or wart.

5. Record what you see

You can write down in a notebook the signs you find in your self-examination. It would also be a good idea that, if something is too upsetting, you take a photographic record and date it. This way you will be able to compare the current state of your skin with previous records.

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