5 Techniques For Doing An Emotional Detox

Not being able to emotionally detoxify and hold on to everything you feel can make you explode at a certain point and let all that frustration out in the worst possible way.

Do you feel tired and anxious often? Maybe it’s time to do an emotional detox.

Sometimes we don’t handle our emotions well and instead of letting them go, we hold them back.

Emotions follow a charging and discharging process. However, we often repress them causing ruminant thoughts, stress, and an anxiety that is waiting for us around every corner.

Today you are going to discover 5 techniques to detoxify emotionally, to release that weight that you have been carrying for so long and that is making you so miserable.

Emotional Detox Techniques

1. Conscious breathing

It may sound silly, but how often are you aware of your breathing? Taking a few moments to observe your breathing will help you clear and heal your emotions.

  • Pick a time of day when no one bothers you.
  • Close your eyes and feel your breath. You can focus on moving your belly or your chest.
  • Then you can pay attention to the air that enters and leaves your nostrils.

Feel the fresh air coming in and the warm air coming out. Notice how you relax and how you become aware of something that accompanies you in each moment but is not getting enough attention.

2. Recharge yourself with positive energy

Find time for yourself, which you can dedicate only to yourself, so that after clearing your emotions through your breath, you can recharge with positive energy.

A nature walk, reading a book or watching a documentary full of positivism are ideas that will help you recharge, motivate and find the necessary strength to move forward with energy.

Do you know how else you can recharge with positive energy? Talking to himself, out loud and saying things like “come on, I can do it”, “now I’ll do it”, “this is a great idea”.

3. don’t hold back

man who speaks what he thinks

We tend to learn certain patterns of behavior that hinder our emotional detox.

  • For example, containing the urge to cry, not saying what we think for fear of rejection, not discussing a decision made by our boss because he is our superior…
  • All of this causes us not to release what we feel. We can always say what our emotions want to express, in an appropriate and respectful way.

So don’t hold back, because it’s not necessary. Put into practice this third of the techniques for emotionally detoxifying yourself right now.

4. Write what you feel

If you believe you can’t let off steam by saying face to face what you feel, let alone being as respectful as possible, then you can write down what you feel.

  • Writing is an excellent therapy that will allow you to go back to your writings to see your advances, your setbacks, and even look at circumstances from a new perspective.
  • Don’t repress yourself or think that what you write is bullshit. Let your hand slide across the paper to express everything that is inside of you.

It will be liberating and allow you to do a real emotional detox.

5. Practice  mindfulness

woman meditating on the beach

While you might think the first point is closely related to this one, the fact is that  mindfulness  is more than paying attention to your breath.

The  mindfulness  is a practice that can be done even when washing the dishes and allows you to be aware of the present moment and  observe your thoughts.

Those thoughts that have a big impact on your emotions and that maybe are affecting you more than they should. Why do you stick to them? What are the fears you have? Do the worries that invade him serve any purpose?

Thanks to this practice you will be able to put into practice the last of the techniques to detoxify emotionally and feel freer.

All these techniques to detoxify emotionally are very important. The consequence of not doing this comes from the outbursts of anger you may have on occasion that can damage your relationships.

In this way, you will enjoy a better management of your emotions, something extremely important to feel happier and maintain a healthier relationship with the people around you.

Practicing  mindfulness,  taking time to reflect with yourself, and putting the rest of the emotional detoxification techniques into practice will help you to let go of a weight you’ve been carrying for a long time.

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