6 Beauty Tips For Looking Bigger Eyes

One of the most common advices when applying makeup is to highlight only one area of ​​the face. If you want your eyes to draw attention, remember not to emphasize your lips too much.
6 beauty tips to make your eyes look bigger

Tiredness, the dark circles under the eyes or even those small wrinkles framing our eyes, are undoubtedly the biggest enemies to show attractive eyes every day. If, in addition, they are small, these factors detract even more beauty from our image.

What we can do? There are simple makeup tricks and natural remedies with which you can make your eyes look bigger. In addition, we will teach you to take care of this part of the face so that your image is much healthier. What do you think about trying?

Eliminate dark circles for bigger eyes

The skin under our eyes is very thin and thin and when we sleep poorly, when we are tired or when we have a health problem, there is an accumulation of water, toxins and fat. It’s really uncomfortable to wake up in the morning and see those purple dark circles that are so hard to fix.

Many women resort to makeup. It’s a good idea? It’s a nice feature, but not the solution. It is always best to first resort to a home remedy before using a corrector. In this way, we will avoid this “accumulation”, sometimes excessive makeup. We will teach you how to do it:

Too easy. Enough of waking up and discovering those uncomfortable dark circles in front of the mirror; take two small spoons and place them in the freezer. Meanwhile, prepare an infusion of chamomile: 150 ml of water and 2 bags of chamomile. When it comes to the boil, turn off the heat and let it settle.

Next step? After 15 minutes, take those spoons you left in the freezer and place them over your dark circles for at least 30 seconds. Now remove and apply a cotton soaked with chamomile infusion under your eyes.

It’s very simple: we just have to alternate the cold spoon with the chamomile treatment. This cold-heat remedy will reactivate the circulation of your dark circles and relieve inflammation. It’s very effective.

Make up your eyebrows to make your eyes look bigger

To make eyes look bigger, we also have to take care of the shape of our eyebrows. They are the frame of our look and are the ones that can contribute to a very flashy and elegant effect at the same time. As you know, thicker eyebrows are in, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to neglect them.

You should draw them well, leaving a certain thickness in the part that starts almost at the nasal partition, and gradually thinning towards the temples. Always brush your eyebrows upwards and, finally, define them with a brown pencil. You will see what a fantastic result they offer.

Eye shadow to make eyes bigger

See the top image, between 2 and 3 different shades were used to make the eyes look bigger. The secret of this beautiful effect is mainly in using light tones in the area that extends below the eyebrow. A nude color, for example, gives very favorable results, as it contributes with amplitude in this area and in the look in general.

Right after that, we’re going to use a slightly darker shade at the outer angle of the eye, defining an ascending shape, as you see in the image. In the mobile eyelid area, we will also opt for a light shade, but with a shine. It will brighten your gaze.

It never fails. Using a white pencil to outline that inner eye line is the best trick you can use in your daily life to make your eyes look bigger. It offers a very attractive and eye-catching finish, no matter if your makeup is for day or night. Therefore, this white pencil should never be missing from your makeup kit!

Thick lashes for bigger eyes

Longer, thicker lashes can also help us to look bigger. How to get it? With proper makeup and some simple homemade tricks. We will try? So take note:

1. Castor oil treatment

Every night, we will apply this simple castor oil-based remedy. Take a cotton ball and drop two drops of castor oil, then moisten your lashes and do a little massage.

If you wish, you can combine it with olive oil or almond oil, which also offer a good result, as they favor your growth and take proper care of your eyelashes.

2. Makeup tricks for denser lashes

Mascara is essential to make your eyes look bigger. Always apply it upwards starting from the root, trying to separate each eyelash well.

After applying a small layer, carefully sprinkle a little talcum powder over them. This trick will help your lashes have more vigor, more beauty and, above all, density. Finally, apply a new coat of mascara.

Next step? The black eyeliner. The best choice will always be liquid eyeliner than pencil. With it, we’ll draw a slightly thicker line at the bottom of the eyelid, ending with a longer, thinner line at the ends of the eyes. Thus, you will achieve a magnificent result.

To conclude: Always remember that to make your eyes more attractive, your lip makeup must be discreet. That way our eyes will attract more attention. So choose a soft, pink or nude tone. They offer an attractive finish so you’ll also get bigger eyes.

Did you like this article? So, stay tuned in our page with more tips for your beauty and well-being.

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