6 Signs That You Have Difficulty Controlling Your Bladder

If when we urinate we have the feeling that we have not completely emptied our bladder, if we have the need to do it frequently and we suffer losses when making efforts, it is important to consult a specialist.

Every woman agrees that that feeling of wanting to go to the bathroom urgently is very uncomfortable. We cannot deny that most women have had to go through this, especially when they consume a lot of fluids and there is no bathroom nearby. Do you have difficulty controlling your bladder?

However, when this starts to happen too often, it can be a sign of difficulty controlling the bladder or a condition known as urinary incontinence.

However, in addition to the frequent urge to urinate, there are other signs that characterize this health problem. It is very important to know how to identify them since, if not controlled, they can affect the quality of life over time.

The purpose of this article is to help identify a disease that affects one in four women, mainly in adulthood and after menopause. Inform yourself!

What are the causes of difficulty in controlling the bladder?


Most women who suffer from urinary incontinence experience this because their pelvic floor muscles have become weak, making room for these uncomfortable leaks.

These muscles are responsible for keeping the urethra closed until the order is given to open it for urination.

After losing elasticity, simple activities such as sneezing or exercising can cause some sort of unwanted leakage or release of urine.

The main causes of this weakness can be pregnancy, childbirth and menopause ; however, the following are also included:

  • Being overweight or obese.
  • Suffering a stroke.
  • Diabetes.
  • Insanity.
  • Urinary system infections.
  • Have some kind of neurological damage (Parkinson, Alzheimer, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, among others).
  • Excessive consumption of certain medications.

The symptoms that alert you to this problem can be identified very easily because, as the days go by, they become more noticeable.

Experiencing one or more of these signs should be a reason for a doctor’s appointment to rule out major problems.

Do you feel the urge to urinate frequently

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Going to the bathroom several times a day is common when consumption of fluids or foods with diuretic properties is high.

However, if this desire is more frequent than usual and it happens even if the person is not drinking water, it is very likely that they are facing a case of urinary incontinence.

Why does it happen? It is common when the bladder muscles cannot relax properly to store urine.

Burning sensation when urinating

Patients who have been diagnosed with urinary incontinence usually manifest that they feel a slight burning sensation when urinating.

But beware! This is not to say that this is necessarily the reason. Often those who have this symptom have it related to an episode of some type of urinary tract infection.

It is difficult to contain urine when coughing or sneezing


These leaks of urine when coughing, sneezing or doing activities such as jumping, climbing stairs, among others, are one of the first symptoms of severe difficulties in controlling the bladder, specifically stress incontinence, one of the two most common types.

Can’t get to the bathroom

Have you had to run for the last few days to get to the bathroom? Feel like you can’t take it any longer? If you can’t reach the bathroom and the urine leaks out, something is happening to your bladder.

In this case it is possible to do some therapies and exercises of the pelvic muscles to help control the output of urine.

Has involuntary leaks


Do you feel your urine leaking out without making any effort? If this happens and you suddenly start smelling urine strongly on your underwear, it is an indication that you have incontinence.

In these cases, an escape could occur because the rings of muscles that are responsible for keeping the bladder closed have weakened.

Your sleep is interrupted frequently

Not being able to control the bladder normally can cause changes in sleep due to the uncomfortable need to get up every moment to urinate.

If during the night you have to go four or more times to the bathroom, it is best to consult a doctor to receive a proper diagnosis.

How to face the difficulty to control the bladder?


It’s not easy for any woman to have to deal with a problem like urinary incontinence, because it implies noticeable changes. Most are always preoccupied with having a bathroom close by and dealing with the smell and stains that often get on their underwear.

The good news is that all of this can be addressed with some changes in lifestyle habits and the use of adequate protectors.

  • Do exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles.
  • Improve nutrition.
  • Use feminine pads or pads, depending on the need.
  • If urine leaks are greater, consider wearing adult diapers.
  • In more extreme cases, it is also possible to resort to medication or surgery.

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