6 Tips To Eliminate Kidney Stones

In addition to reducing salt intake, to eliminate kidney stones, it is very important to increase water intake to favor their expulsion with the urine.
6 tips to eliminate kidney stones

Why do kidney stones form?

Symptoms of kidney stones

Woman feeling pain from kidney stones
Kidney stones are often painful.

The clinical manifestations of kidney stones may vary in each patient. Some don’t notice the discomfort in the early stages. Pains usually  appear when crystals increase in size.

Symptoms may include:

Tips for eliminating kidney stones

When there is a quick detection of kidney stones, it  is possible to take some natural steps to speed up the elimination process.

Although it is essential to comply with medical recommendations, following some advice can be very helpful for treatment.

1. Increase water consumption

Daily water consumption is one of the essential habits for good kidney health.

Fluids help maintain good urine production, facilitating the elimination of waste that accumulates in the body.

  • To combat the calculi, consume 2 liters of water a day.

2. Consume lemonade

Due to its alkaline and moisturizing properties, lemonade is one of the health drinks most suitable for  improving the decomposition process of kidney stones. Its diuretic effect helps to eliminate liquids retained in tissues and, in turn, promotes cleaning of the urinary ducts.

3. Take apple cider vinegar

4. Improve your nutrition

Among the most common recommendations are:

  • Increase your consumption of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
  • Limit your consumption of soft drinks, energy drinks and processed foods.

5. Limit your salt intake

excess salt
Too much salt can also cause hypertension.

In order not to complicate the calculations, it is essential to limit your salt intake as much as possible. This substance not only influences the formation of crystals, but also causes fluid retention and inflammation.

  • Avoid adding salt to your main meals.
  • Limit the consumption of foods rich in sodium: sauces, Chinese food, canned food, among others.

6. Drink pomegranate juice


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