8 Easy Exercises To Do At Home

For maximum benefit, we can focus on a routine consisting of a series of repetitions of the exercises and perform it several times a week.
8 easy exercises to do at home

Easy exercises to do at home

For maximum benefit, we can develop a routine that consists of sets of repetitions of the different exercises and perform it several times a week.

1. Skip

Jumping is an activity that we practice since we were little, in the vast majority of games. It’s fun and useful for losing weight and strengthening your legs.

  • Place your feet parallel, slightly apart. Bend your knees a little and stand up with your arms raised. Do 15 reps at 15-second intervals.

2. Squat

How to make?

  • Option 1: With your spine straight, sit down and get up from a chair 10 times.
  • Option 2: With arms extended forward or to the side, bend your knees until your thighs form an almost 90° angle with the floor. Do 10 reps.

3. Step back

Taking a step back strengthens your legs and is great for toning your buttocks.

How to make?

  • Standing with hands extended forward, move one leg back. Return to starting position and move the other leg. Repeat 15 times.

4. Frog Jump

woman doing board

Frog jumping is a cardiovascular exercise that measures cardiac endurance, in addition to activating different muscle groups.

How to make?

  • To start, squat down with your hands on the floor. Stretch your legs back and return to starting position. Then jump up with your hands extended above your head. Do about 15 jumps, like a frog, with rest intervals between 15 and 30 seconds.

5. Push-ups

How to make?

6. Exercises to strengthen the biceps

woman doing stretching

The biceps is one of the muscles with the greatest aesthetic impact. There are movements designed specifically to exercise this muscle that can be included in an easy-to-do home exercise routine.

How to make?

7. Abdominals

Sit-ups help improve body posture, which decreases wear and tear on the spine. They also strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and relieve back strain.

How to make?

  • Place your lower back in contact with the floor, keeping your knees bent and your hands behind your head. Push your shoulders up, about three inches. Lower your body slowly and repeat the movement about 15 times.

8. Weight lifting (light)

woman doing exercises

Light to moderate weight lifting allows for complete muscle work. It also relieves tension, reduces stress and burns large amounts of calories.

How to make?

  • Grab a full bottle of water and stand with your legs slightly apart. Hold the container with the back of your hands outward and rest it on your thighs. Keep your spine straight. Inhale and raise the bottle to chin level. Lift your elbows and control the weight of the container as you descend. Do this exercise 10 times in 4 sets  for strong shoulders.

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