8 Foods That Can Cause Gout

X-rays can be very reliable when detecting chronic gout, but in the case of punctual attacks, they are not useful, so it would be necessary to make the diagnosis through a blood test.
8 Foods That Can Cause Gout

The seafood can cause the gout

shellfish cause gout

Herring can cause gout


Cerveza collaborates for the apparition of the drop

cerveza collaborates with la drop

Beer has been shown to double the chances of those most vulnerable to getting gout. Basically for two reasons: because it increases uric acid levels in the body and because it doesn’t allow the body to easily clean the substances that make up beer.

The best option is wine, but not in excess either; a glass with dinner might be an acceptable measure, even if doctors directly prohibit alcohol for those who have gout. 

Red meat can cause gout

La carne roja no hace bien for quien sufre con gout

This type of meat contains a high level of purines, in addition to other components that can cause cholesterol or weight gain. It is preferable to eat white meat (chicken or fish) and occasionally a little red meat.

Some experts advise completely cutting back on meat and all pork or farm animal products, but one or two beef meals every week is allowed.


La carne de pavo hace harm to quien tiene drop

Like goose meat, these foods contain a lot of purines, which are best not consumed if you want to treat gout.

People prone to this disease need to reduce their consumption of wild or wild animals as much as possible. The safest options are chicken and duck. The recommended part is against the thigh. 

Drinks with sugar are bad for those who suffer from gout

Drinks with sugar are bad for those who suffer with gout

Avoid all corn syrup or fructose drinks, fizzy diet drinks and packaged juices as well.

These drinks contain many sweeteners that cause increased uric acid production. Drinking sugar or fructose drinks daily increases the risk of causing gout, especially in women.


Who suffers with gout must avoid the sparagos

This group also includes cauliflower, spinach and mushrooms, because they have more purine than the others. If you like all these foods, cut down on them without completely avoiding them. Vegetarian diets help with purine excretion. 


foods that can cause gout

This food is within the “totally forbidden” zone , along with the kidneys and gizzards, that is, all the organs of cows, sheep or any other similar animal. They are not good for your health in any way, let alone those suffering from gout. 

What is it allowed to eat?

There are many foods allowed to treat gout. Some examples are:

  • Semi-skimmed milks;
  • Complex carbohydrates;
  • Coffee;
  • Fruits;
  • Citrus.

Drink 12 to 16 glasses of fluid a day, including: water, tea, natural juices and coffee. Any liquid (with the exception of sweetened fizzy drinks and beer) allows the blood to flow and waste to be eliminated in the urine.

Keep in mind that gout can be diagnosed through the symptoms of podagra or by an increase in uric acid levels in the blood. In turn, an analysis of synovial fluid is necessary if the diagnosis is inconclusive. X-rays can be very good at identifying chronic gout, but not in cases of acute or mild attacks.

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