8 Homemade Solutions For Cleaning Wood

A very effective method of removing both stains and cracks from wood is to use petroleum jelly. Its oily compounds allow us to clean as well as shine.

Wood is a product as beautiful as it is delicate. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when cleaning it. Here are 8 options for homemade solutions to clean wood.

In many occasions,  homemade solutions become the best option to keep the wood clean. They are much more beneficial than chemical products that will bring the same or worse results and, in addition, can damage the wood itself.

With these homemade solutions for wood that will not happen.

Know that we must first look at what kind of furniture we have that we want to improve,  and what we want to do with it.

As a result, there are several homemade cleansing formulas that will allow you to see different results.

Home solutions for cleaning wood

1. Nuts for cleaning wood


That’s right, walnuts can be a perfect wood cleaning product.

Thanks to the watery liquid they give off, which is similar to oil, you’ll be able to give a new look to your furniture and any wooden object.

To do this, just peel the walnuts and rub them on the side of the base.

This way, you will get the expected result and, logically, you won’t scratch the furniture.

2. Wine vinegar and olive oil

With two ingredients as simple as wine vinegar and olive oil you can make your wooden furniture look immaculate.

  • To do this, put both liquids in equal parts in a container.
  • With a piece of cotton cloth, clean the furniture with the mixture and then let it dry for approximately one hour.
  • To finish and to make it even better, you can use wax, something that will make the wood shine.

This trick is very effective, because oil is a product that hydrates the wood and vinegar helps to remove accumulated dirt.

When the furniture is dry,  you can use another piece of cloth to buff. The result couldn’t be better.

3. Mayonnaise

If what you want is to remove stains caused by the spillage of some liquid,  just spread a little mayonnaise on the furniture.

Wait until the mayonnaise is completely dry and then rub with a cloth until the stain disappears.

4. Stopper

bottle stoppers

If you want to eliminate possible glass marks, rub a cork over the stain and then clean the area well.

If the stain has been around for a long time, you will have to use a mixture of ash and gasoline and, with a cloth, spread over the stain using a circular motion.

5. Vaseline

If you notice that your wooden furniture is scratched, then Vaseline may be what you need.

It is recommended  for both annoying scratches and cracks  that sometimes appear in wood.

For it to act effectively, apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the furniture and let it act (the longer the better).

Then, just clean the furniture to remove the remains of Vaseline and that’s it.

If you want to restore bumps and small dents, place a damp cloth over the area and apply heat with the iron.

You’ll see how it reduces almost like magic.

6. Warm water

warm water

If what you need is to remove any paint scraps that have fallen onto the wood, then the use of warm water will suffice.

To do this, mix your usual cleaning product with warm water and spread it with a towel.

Afterwards, you will have to wash only with warm water (this time alone) and clean with a dry cloth.

7. Ammonia

To  treat exterior wood furniture and try to fight agents like mildew, you  ‘ll have to mix some ammonia with half a liter of warm water.

Rub the mixture all over the furniture with a piece of cloth. That will be more than enough.

8. Lemon juice

lemon juice

Another way to make wooden furniture shine and make it shine is to apply a mixture of a little olive oil or lemon juice and half a liter of vegetable oil using a loofah.

Rub and let it act. You will see how quickly your wood will shine again.

Make sure you  add enough lemon so that it doesn’t dry out,  as you don’t want to scratch the wood when scrubbing with the loofah.

With this tip the dirt will disappear in an instant and you’ll notice it right away.

In addition to cleaning the wood, you’ll get an incomparable shine.

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