A Spoonful Of Honey Before Bedtime Will Help You Sleep

By increasing insulin levels in the blood, honey stimulates the production of tryptophan in the brain, which is later transformed into serotonin and promotes restful sleep.
A spoonful of honey before bedtime will help you sleep

Honey is a very common food. So much so that it is present in the pantries of many homes around the world. Throughout history, it has often been used as a remedy for various problems. That’s why it has been the object of study on numerous occasions. How about taking a spoonful of honey before bedtime?

Because it has several medicinal properties, honey has become one of the most accepted foods as an adjuvant, especially in respiratory problems, such as coughing, for example.

Now, is it true that a tablespoon of honey helps us sleep better? Today we want to answer that question with the data provided by science.

A spoonful of honey to sleep better?

In recent years, some research has been conducted linking honey consumption with better sleep quality, especially when sleep difficulties are associated with other diseases. However, it is important to clarify that it is not a miracle cure for sleeping or fighting insomnia.

In fact, it should not be considered a first-line treatment for sleep disorders, and in some cases it may not be effective. Therefore, while beneficial, it should be clear that it is not a substitute for medical treatments and should be complemented with other good habits.

Research on the consumption of honey for sleeping

A spoonful of honey before bedtime will help you sleep

Several scientific studies, such as one published by Current Signal Transduction Therapy, suggest that consumption of certain foods can induce sleep thanks to their tryptophan content and their ability to stimulate serotonin.

Tryptophan, in particular, is an essential amino acid that is involved in sleep quality. In turn, serotonin leads to relaxation and helps signal the brain that it is “time for bed”. But what does all this have to do with honey?

Well, organic honey is one of those foods with these characteristics. In fact, its sugars slightly increase insulin, allowing tryptophan to enter the brain. From this, the serotonergic activity is stimulated and, subsequently, the production of melatonin.

Melatonin helps us adjust the body’s internal clock and sleep-wake cycles. People with insomnia or who are experiencing anxiety about having stopped smoking also consume melatonin. In these cases, honey can also be helpful.

This, it seems, could explain why honey promotes quality sleep. In fact, in a study published in the medical journal Pediatrics, honey served as an adjunct to improve sleep in children with nocturnal cough.

Honey for better sleep: how to take it?

A spoonful of honey before bedtime will help you sleep

Of course, honey isn’t the only treatment for insomnia. However, consuming in small amounts – within a healthy lifestyle and a proper sleep ritual – can contribute to better rest. So if you want to try to sleep better, consider the guidelines below.

Honey must be organic, preferably from beekeepers. The reason? Many of the honeys we buy in supermarkets are highly processed and processed, losing many of their original properties. Also, they can have a lot of added sugar.

According to popular wisdom, it would be convenient for us to take this medicine every night (one tablespoon). We can even dilute it in a relaxing tea or milk.

See your doctor if insomnia persists

Remember that sleep problems should not be ignored, but dealt with as soon as possible with your doctor. Although they look normal at first, over time they can lead to serious health problems. So, don’t miss the opportunity to go to the appointment and get treated. Thus, you will gain in health and well-being.

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