Acne-free Back: Tips For Beautiful Skin

Light exfoliation is a recommended practice to keep your back free of dead cells and impurities that can clog pores and lead to pimples.
Acne-Free Back: Tips for Beautiful Skin

Do you have pimples on your back? Do you think this might indicate that something is missing in your care routine? Would you like to not have back acne? In this case, the first thing you should keep in mind is that there may be something that needs correction in your routine to reach your goal.

How to keep your back acne free and unmarked?

The reasons why we suffer from back acne are very diverse. It could be that something is causing the excessive production of sebum or fat, it could be the accumulation of dead cells, bacteria or dirt, it could have to do with wearing clothes that do not allow for sweating.

Generally, acne on the body is more painful than on the face, and it is also more difficult to get rid of. It affects men and women equally, and unlike facial acne, it has nothing to do with age, as we can suffer from it at any time.

1. Take care of cleaning the skin on the back

Take care of cleaning the skin on the back

In your daily baths it is recommended that you pay special attention to your back to get a good clean. And The sponjas conventional are generally not suitable, since bacteria can accumulate and be harmful. Use a handkerchief or natural sponges where you can apply homemade scrubs that we’ll recommend below.

Use mild, antibacterial soaps that eliminate sweat, dirt, and excess sebum. Especially after you’ve exercised. Dismiss the perfumed soaps. It is better to opt for neutrals.

2. The importance of exfoliation

3. Other Remedies

malaleuca oil 

other remedies

loe vera

4. General tips for back skin beauty

Acne on the body usually appears almost always on the back and chest, where the sebaceous glands are more active, and the pores are more likely to clog with dead cells. To avoid this, it is recommended that you don’t always wear tight clothing.

  • Whenever you’ve been sweating a lot, after playing sports, for example, take a shower immediately and give yourself an exfoliation.
  • Food is essential to prevent acne outbreaks. Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially those containing B vitamins, as they help reduce inflammation and heal wounds.
  • Drink enough water every day and avoid sugary drinks.
  • Avoid foods high in saturated fats as they are considered to promote clogging of pores.

When in doubt, consult a dermatologist. This professional will be the person who can best guide you after examining your skin.


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