Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder or ADHD is more frequent in boys than in girls. In addition, a series of conditions must be given so that you can consider this disorder as such.
Attention Deficit Disorder

As its name suggests, attention deficit disorder or ADHD is a neurobiological disorder that originated in childhood. It affects more than 5% of children worldwide. Furthermore, it is a more frequent disorder in boys than girls.

It has been shown that, with an early diagnosis and adequate treatment, the disorder can have a positive evolution.  Know more data.

Causes of attention deficit

Due to the complexity of this disorder, it was not possible to identify a single cause. It is considered a heterogeneous alteration with several subtypes, resulting from combinations of different risk factors that act together.

Despite not knowing the exact causes, it  was identified that genetic and environmental factors have a great influence on its development.  These are both prenatal and perinatal and postnatal factors.

Additionally,  ADHD has a heritability of 76%, as reported in a recent review by Stephen V. Faraone Henrik Larsson researchers. This means that in an average population, 76% of the factors linked to the disorder are related to genes and the rest to non-genetic factors.


boy with ADHD
Children with ADHD can be affected in their school and social performance.

This disorder has three core symptoms: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and impulsivity. These symptoms are manifested to a greater or lesser degree depending on the subtype.

  • In the  inattentive subtype, attention deficit predominates. It is the most frequent among women and has a great academic impact.
  • Nonetheless,
  • Regarding the last subtype,  the combined one, it is usually the most frequent of all. It has an impact on overall income.

In turn, for symptoms of attention deficit, hyperactivity and impulsivity to be associated with attention deficit disorder, they must present certain conditions:

Treatment for ADHD

Psychotherapy can help a lot to combat this deficit.
Psychological therapy has been able to control the symptoms of this disorder and improve the child’s performance.

The treatment of attention deficit disorder in children and adolescents  is carried out individually according to each patient and their family. It aims to improve symptoms and reduce the appearance of other associated disorders.

1. Psychological treatment

2. Treatment

Pedagogical intervention is a fundamental pillar of combined treatment and encompasses both actions aimed at improving the child’s school performance and others aimed at incorporating certain changes in the educational environment.

3. Pharmacological treatment

With pharmacological treatment, it is possible to reduce the core symptoms of attention deficit disorder; as well as improving school performance and child behavior.

At the same time,  the effect of psychological and psychopedagogical interventions is enhanced.

Among the most used drugs is methylphenidate, which is a stimulant that helps children focus their attention.

Parental ignorance can cause a lot of pain in children
The lack of knowledge about this disease can affect these children’s self-esteem.

Although the incidence of this disorder is high, the reality is that there is great ignorance about it.

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