Bathroom Plans You Must Have

Discover the 6 ideal plants to decorate your bathroom and enjoy their multiple benefits. They not only change the place aesthetically, but also add color and life!
Bathroom Plants You Must Have

Putting plants for the bathroom will bring you multiple benefits, as they fill every place in the house with life and purify the air. The bathroom is usually the ideal place for the development of certain plants, because it has the ideal humidity conditions they need to live.

According to Feng Shui , it is highly recommended that you have plants in every room in your home, so you will get a good circulation of energy. This Eastern theory states that plants, through their chlorophilic function, trap the sun’s rays (Yang) and release energy (Yin) into the surroundings. In this way they optimize the energy flow.

The best plants for the bathroom

The bathroom features are excellent for growing plants due to the excessive humidity and heat of the place. In fact, it is possible to recover withered plants by placing them in this space in the house. The big difference is in the natural light that each bathroom receives, since there are plants that need much more light than others. We will show you what kind of floor plans are compatible with each type of bathroom. Check out.

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the plants for the bathroom

This is a green plant that adapts perfectly to the bathroom environment. It needs little light to grow, which makes it perfect for dark bathrooms. It is advisable to stand in front of a mirror so that it projects natural light. You must take the following precautions:

  • Sprinkle with plenty of water. It is an aquatic plant, therefore, irrigation is essential.
  • Do not expose to direct or indirect sunlight. This plant needs little light.
  • Use fertilizers.

2. Aloe

Aloe is one of the plants for the bathroom

This plant is also known as aloe vera. It adapts perfectly to the environment that exists in the bathroom, but unlike the previous plan , it needs a lot of light for its development. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, this particular plant  has numerous properties. That is why it is given several uses, some of which are:

  • You can use the gel your leaves have locally to relieve sunburn.
  • Its local use on the oral mucosa relieves thrush.
  • Taking this gel helps fight constipation or colon problems.
  • Fights and prevents acne.
  • If you use the gel as a mask, it helps to eliminate dandruff from your hair.

3. Potus

This plant adapts perfectly to the humid environment of the bathroom. It’s indoors, as it doesn’t stand up to direct sunlight; it still needs light. We recommend not placing it in very dark places as it may wither.  Since you don’t need a pot of soil to grow it, you can keep it perfectly in a container of water.

4. Bathroom plants such as ivy or ferns

Fern is one of the plants for the bathroom

This type of plants and other vines are ideal for your bathroom. It usually extends over large spaces and fills the place with greenery and life. They need little care, and the following should be considered:

  • First, the surrounding humidity must be high.
  • On the other hand, try to water them often.
  • Also, they should receive a lot of light, but not directly.
  • It is important that the place has good ventilation.
  • Finally, it is not necessary to prune them, they adapt to the environment.

5. Sword-of-Saint-Jorge

The Sword-of-Saint-Jorge is a beautiful plant with elongated green leaves in the shape of a sword and yellow edges that grow upwards. They are ideal for modern decor. They adapt perfectly to this type of environment with high humidity and absorb part of it. They also don’t need a lot of natural light, so these plants are a great choice for the bathroom.

6. Hyacinth

This plant has very beautiful and colorful flowers that can decorate every corner of your bathroom. They create a beautiful contrast with the green of your leaves. You don’t need a lot of irrigation and we recommend that you stop when the plant has bloomed.

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