Characteristics Of Pineapple, A Powerful Fruit For Health

By consuming pineapple, we get large amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber that can contribute in many ways. However, we must not exceed our consumption either.
Characteristics of pineapple, a powerful fruit for health

Pineapple pulp has a lot of water and fiber. But it’s not the only edible part, its rind can also benefit your health.

Pineapple is found in tropical and subtropical countries (medium and high temperatures), but its origin is American.

Its tree is the pineapple, from the bromeliad family. Also, in Latin America, it is also known as pineapple.

This fruit, which has vitamins B1, C and A, is known and appreciated worldwide.

Pineapple uses

Pineapple can be used to make ice cream, jellies, juices, cakes, jams and so on. Its juice has 12% natural sugar (fructose). Furthermore, it is composed of citric and malic acids and bromelain.

Its bark helps in the treatment of colds and flu. So, just boil it together with water, drinking it as hot tea.

How to know if the pineapple is ripe?

To find out if the pineapple is ready to be consumed, that is, ripe, it is necessary to remove one of the leaves from the crown (top of the pineapple).

If the leaf comes off easily, the fruit can already be consumed . If not, it is still green. A ripe pineapple weighs between 2 and 3 kilos.

medicinal uses

Pineapple can be used to treat a variety of health problems, not just colds or flu. It is digestive, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic .

Consuming it as a fruit or in juice has a cleansing effect on the blood, helping to heal boils.

The Indians use it to combat coughs and sore throats with inflammation. This is because it works by cleaning the mucous membranes and dissolving the mucus that congests the respiratory and laryngeal system.

Furthermore, it also helps in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

of the pineapple

Pineapple and enzymes

Enzymes, present in large quantities in pineapple, are organic protein substances. The main one is bromelain.

This enzyme has the function, mainly, to break the bonds between the amino acids (organic molecules formed by atoms), destroying the protein.

This is the case with gelatin, which, when in contact with pineapple, remains soft, without protein.

In some places, people tend to eat meats drizzled with pineapple juice. This is because, due to the enzymes present in it, it serves to soften such foods.

Furthermore, this enzyme, bromelain, also reduces inflammation.

Pineapple Benefits

  • Controls blood cholesterol level
  • Accelerates tissue healing
  • lowers blood pressure
  • Helps in the treatment of kidney stones
  • Fight viruses
  • Fights anemia
  • Helps in the problem of fluid retention
  • Helps to lose weight
  • prevents aging

Beware of pineapple consumption

Like everything else in life, pineapple should be enjoyed with moderation and balance.

This is because if consumed daily and in excessive amounts, it can irritate the stomach wall, causing discomfort or even gastritis.

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