Childhood Obesity: Fun Exercises To Fight It

Combating childhood obesity and a sedentary lifestyle from an early age will be essential to prevent, as adults, children from developing different health problems. In addition, physical activity will also strengthen your self-esteem.
Childhood Obesity: Fun Exercises to Fight It

Certainly, childhood obesity has become one of the great social problems that continues to increase year after year. It is necessary to be aware of the seriousness of the problem to avoid many diseases caused by being overweight. In this article we present some fun exercises to fight childhood obesity.

Exercises to fight childhood obesity

1. The martial arts

First, one of the activities that many parents choose as a sport for their children is the martial art. There are different styles of martial arts, depending on age and the purpose to be achieved. With this type of exercise, in addition to having fun and losing weight,  the child learns discipline , respect, perseverance, body control, and self-defense.

But, it is convenient to instill the importance of stretching and warming up before starting any physical activity (in this case, the martial art). This way, injuries will be avoided, and help to maximize effort and results. Martial arts are high performance sports that help you burn calories and lose weight naturally, within a few months.

2. Football

Football is children’s sport and pastime par excellence. Just take a look at recess times in any schoolyard to see how they enjoy this physical activity. While there are other very good alternatives, football is a very effective sport for combating childhood obesity.

In addition, football encourages teamwork , speed and dexterity, effort, strategy, and intelligence. Another advantage is that it is usually practiced in open spaces in the open air. In this way, sedentary attitudes are avoided, and children are invited to leave the sofa at home. A soccer ball will always be a great gift for any child.

Fun Exercises to Fight Childhood Obesity

3. Swimming

Of course, swimming is an ideal sport for any age, but it is especially recommended for children. The fact of turning physical activity into a game means that it is not an obligation and therefore there will be more motivation to do it.

  • On the other hand, swimming is one of the most complete sports, in which the whole body is exercised. In addition to losing weight, it helps you to have more self-confidence when wearing the bathing suit with the rest of the kids.

4. Jump rope

One of the most calorie burning traditional games is jumping rope. No wonder boxers around the world include rope in their training. Continuous jumps with the rope work on the abdominal muscles, legs, endurance, and improve heart performance.

Surprisingly, this game has evolved a lot in recent years. Using music to accompany the activity helps make it more enjoyable, and motivates you to identify with the music. The sense of rhythm, coordination, physical endurance, and psychomotricity are worked on at the same time.

Fun Exercises to Fight Childhood Obesity: Jump Rope

5. Play with hula hoop

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular games in the world. It consists of making a plastic ring rotate around the waist without falling to the ground. For this you can only use the hip movement. And it is precisely this movement that makes this game a very interesting exercise to combat childhood obesity.

Although it is a game very much associated with girls, the truth is that it is beneficial for anyone. There are also rhythmic gymnastics modalities in which a similar hoop is used to do the exercises. With the hula hoop we work especially on coordination, flexibility, endurance, rhythm and balance, while we lose weight while playing.


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