Coffee With Lemon: Is This New Trend A Good Idea?

Coffee and lemon are two ingredients with recognized properties, but what about the sum of both? Do its beneficial effects multiply? Find out in this article.
Coffee with lemon: is this new trend a good idea?

A new combination has become a trend in the beverage world: coffee with lemon. Some say it offers health benefits beyond those provided by both ingredients separately.

Although there is no guidance that these products cannot be mixed, it remains to be seen what happens to the benefits that their consumption promises.

the coffee with lemon

The exact formula to prepare it is to add the juice of one lemon to 240 milliliters of coffee. While it may seem like an unusual combination for some people, for others it has shown promise of positive health effects.

Many think that lemon would be a better accompaniment to a cup of tea than coffee. However, this mixture was already consumed in some specific regions.

To begin to shed some light on their health uses and usefulness, it’s best to review the benefits of these two ingredients separately.

The benefits of coffee

To prepare a coffee, the dried and ground beans are infused with very hot water. A simple process for one of the most consumed beverages in the world. According to data from the British Coffee Association, around 2 trillion cups are consumed a day.

Over time, its consumption enjoyed a good and a bad reputation. Therefore, science made it one of its focuses of attention. It is known for being a stimulating food,  able to improve some aspects such as memory, concentration and tiredness.

Coffee intake has been investigated in relation to different health parameters. However, as the authors of an important summary of existing studies point out, most of them are observational; therefore, you must be cautious with your conclusions.

Positive associations between coffee and liver disease (cirrhosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver or liver fibrosis) are among the most consistent. There also appears to be a lower chance of developing liver cancer.

Likewise, the authors highlight a reduction in the risk of mortality from any cause in people who consume coffee compared to those who do not. In addition, there is a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and metabolic problems such as type 2 diabetes.

The ideal consumption limit seems to be 3 cups a day. While a higher intake does not appear to be dangerous, it does not offer more benefits.

Apparently, there is no evidence of harmful effects with continued use of the drink, except for recommendations not to consume it during pregnancy and in women at higher risk of suffering bone fractures.

people having coffee
Coffee has been studied extensively by science. And it is not for nothing. It is estimated that 2 trillion cups are consumed a day in the world.

How does lemon support the health of the body?

Citrus fruits are grown all over the world and are known to be among the most eaten. Their contributions of vitamins and other phytochemicals turned them into foods used for therapeutic purposes.

Its most important nutrient is vitamin C. They play essential roles in the body, such as helping bone development, healing wounds, and keeping gums healthy.

Furthermore, at the metabolic level, they allow the activation of B vitamins, the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids and the transformation of tryptophan into serotonin.

This important micronutrient acts in synergy with other elements such as flavonoids, carotenes, alkaloids and essential oils. Thanks to them, science was able to relate them to some positive health effects:

  • Antioxidant:  allows you to neutralize free radicals. The presence of these plays a critical role in aging, inflammation and heart disease.
  • The increased consumption of citrus fruits is related to lower mortality  and morbidity from cardiovascular problems.
  • Vitamin C protects the immune system, reducing the severity of allergic reactions and helping to fight basic infections such as colds.

In addition to the positive effects of the two separately,  there are some claims of health improvements  related to the consumption of coffee with lemon. 

body fat reduction

One of the most tempting promises is this, although neither coffee nor lemon has been shown to be able to eliminate the accumulation of lipids in the body.

Some studies have looked  at caffeine’s ability to increase metabolism and therefore burn calories . However, this has no effect on weight and fat loss.

So it appears that science is clear about this and  the veracity of this belief cannot be demonstrated at the moment. After all, coffee helps to reduce the feeling of hunger.

headache control

The second popular claim about this mixture is also not supported by scientific data. There may even be some contradiction, since in some cases coffee consumption has been associated with migraines.

While we know that combining caffeine with medications can amplify the effects of drugs, lemons have no benefit in this regard.

Coffee with lemon promotes healthier skin

The high consumption of fruits and vegetables is positive for improving the health of the skin, but it is not known, at the moment, which of its components is responsible for this contribution.

Therefore, the general recommendation to ensure the consumption of 3 fruits a day is always positive. Furthermore, if we are talking about lemon or other citrus fruits, the contribution of vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis. This protein promotes the skin’s elasticity and strength.

Diarrhea relief

This is the latest popular belief about this drink and does not appear to be supported by the data obtained so far. Quite the contrary, because caffeine increases colonic movement and speeds up the urge to go to the bathroom.

Coffee intake is not indicated in episodes of diarrhea, as  its diuretic effect can aggravate the loss of fluid  that occurs with increased evacuation.

woman with tummy ache
Diarrhea involves the loss of fluids and electrolytes; therefore, coffee is contraindicated in these conditions, as it increases diuresis.

Does mixing coffee with lemon increase its benefits?

Intake of coffee and lemon has positive health effects, as long as both are consumed within a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits. For now, the same cannot be said of the result of its mixture.

Does this mean that it’s not a good option to have your usual coffee with a little lemon juice? This may be one of the morning choices for waking up, but no magical effects are to be expected. Thanks to the lemon, the coffee gains freshness and its bitter taste is smoother.

The latest trend in beverages doesn’t deliver the promised effects

Many people tend to drink hot water with lemon or coffee in the morning. Each of these can be beneficial, although the mixture of the two doesn’t seem to have more positive effects. This combination has not been proven to improve headaches or help reduce body fat. 

If you like the taste and consumption does not cause adverse side effects, it is okay to consume it.

Intake of moderate doses of each or the mixture seems to be safe, but don’t forget that a larger amount doesn’t always equate to more benefits. Abusing them can have detrimental effects.

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