Dangers Of Abdominal Fat In Women: How To Fight It?

Discover the dangers that abdominal fat in women can bring to your health and learn how to combat it effectively and completely naturally.
Dangers of abdominal fat in women: how to fight it?

Abdominal fat in women. Few things are more boring, uncomfortable and… dangerous. Everyone knows that, over the years, we have a tendency to accumulate fat in the abdomen area, which can bother us when we wear a little tighter clothes or jeans.

However, the real problem behind this situation is not our image, but our health.

Be aware that, in recent years, the number of women with heart problems or type II diabetes has increased and continues to grow.

Our lifestyle and eating habits increasingly favor the accumulation of this abdominal fat, which, in the long run, can cause very serious problems that we must take into account.

Today, in this article, we want to talk about this topic and how to define daily attitudes to combat abdominal fat in women.

The dangers of abdominal fat in women

According to nutritionists, the increase in abdominal fat in women usually occurs after 40 years.

At this point, our bodies begin to experience slight changes, such as a slower metabolism that makes burning fat more difficult.

We produce less estrogen, and gradually, over the years, these changes translate into weight gain.

However, the most dangerous thing about this whole situation is the extra pounds in the abdomen, that part of our body where, in addition to noticing the fat under our skin, we must remember that there is also visceral fat around our internal organs.

This is a risk to our health. Do you know what dangers it can cause in the long run?

  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes

It’s also important to remember that the accumulation of fat under the diaphragm and in the chest wall makes it more difficult to breathe. We get tired more and our lungs suffer.

Difficulty breathing can often result in sleep apnea.

It is also worth taking into account that this abdominal fat makes, in addition to all that, we have a higher risk of developing some more serious diseases, such as breast or cervical cancer.

In our case, the fat around our internal organs can also make us suffer from menstrual changes. It’s a pretty serious matter.

How do I know if I have “excess abdominal fat”?


This question may seem a bit ironic, as no one knows better than ourselves when we have too much fat in our abdomen.

We are aware that our body has changed and that not only are our clothes tighter and tighter, but we also feel more tired.

However, the averages warn us about an important fact: we must know the measurements of our abdominal fat, and it can never exceed the parameters considered dangerous. Take note:

  • In the case of women, we should not exceed 89 cm in the waist
  • For men, the maximum should be 102 centimeters at the waist

How can I reduce abdominal fat in women?


We know there comes a time when, no matter how much effort we put in, those extra pounds located in our waistline don’t shrink.

These are times when we despair and begin to wonder if we should just take on this new weight and accept that we will forever have this exaggerated volume in our belly.

Do not do this. Don’t surrender and don’t be discouraged. If you are unable to change on your own, ask a doctor or nutritionist for help. Also, follow some very practical tips that we’ll detail below.

They can be of great help in your daily life. Get to know them and apply them with renewed spirit and optimism!

Tips to reduce abdominal fat in women

  • Cut the salt and don’t include it in your meals
  • Drink two liters of water a day
  • Eat whole grains, cereals like wheat and oats. Avoid white flour and replace it with wholemeal. The bread should also be wholemeal and preferably rich in different types of grains. Barley is very healthy, for example.
  • Restrict sugar and forget about processed sweets and ready-to-eat or frozen foods. To do this, you will have to devote more time to cooking varied and fresh dishes, such as salads, steamed vegetables, salmon and blue fish, etc. Replace red meat with leaner options such as chicken and turkey.
  • Every morning, on an empty stomach, take a glass of warm water with lemon.
  • After your lunches and dinners, drink some sage tea. This is the best plant to help us digest and eliminate fat in the abdominal region, so don’t forget to be constant and take it for 15 consecutive days a month, twice a day. Then rest 10 days and start again.

Latest tips

  • Walk every day for half an hour at quick steps, without getting tired, but being constant. Remember: every day!
  • Avoid cow’s milk. The best dairy you can eat is unsweetened Greek yogurt, which will provide healthy bacteria to take care of digestion and strengthen the bacterial flora.
  • Eat “little” 5 times a day, and it is also important not to “skip” meals. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t eat breakfast or dinner so as not to gain weight, know that the exact opposite of what you expect will happen. Your metabolism will slow down and build up reserves, ie fats. Not worth it! Put these simple advices into practice and start fighting abdominal fat today. For your health!

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