Detoxify Your Bowel With These 4 Hot Drinks

Detoxify your intestines with simple hot drinks and you’ll avoid a wide variety of illnesses that arise when we don’t properly purge excess toxins from within.

Getting thin isn’t the only reason to take care of yourself. Taking diuretics and fiber-rich foods has a far more significant impact  than being in good shape. With that in mind, today we’ll talk about how to detoxify your intestines with 4 hot drinks.

The intestine has an essential function for our body to stay healthy for a long time. As we know, the job of the intestines is to expel toxins and harmful substances.

The result of having them inside is similar to what happens if we introduce sand into an engine.

It may work for a while, but when working with a foreign object inside, it will start to deteriorate and eventually fail.

Sometimes the damage can be resolved and sometimes it can’t. Therefore, it is necessary to  detoxify your intestines and thus avoid the presence of elements that affect  you without you noticing.

For this, we propose the use of simple drinks that will help. It is not very aggressive and very effective.

They do not have chemical substances that produce side effects in other parts of the body. Besides, they are economical and simple to prepare, so you can enjoy them whenever you want.

Consider which ingredients are for sale at any store.

Detoxify your bowel with hot drinks

Hot drinks: chamomile

In addition to being a wonderful tranquilizer,  chamomile facilitates excretion if used on a daily basis. 

It is not enough to consume it when you feel heavy or acidic. It is best to consume it after each meal.

  • You can opt for the one that is sold in conventional infusion, the one in pouches, although  the ideal is to use the dried plant,  available at any herbalist.
  • The reason is very simple: while the first is treated, the second is natural.

Hot drinks: mint tea

Unlike the above, you should not take the mint when you are in a process of gastritis or colitis.

However, the rest of the time, you can use it to detoxify your bowel safely.

  • It favors good digestion and, therefore, the elimination of everything that should not be inside you.
  • On the other hand, it combats the stress that makes it more difficult to face the day. The most desirable thing is to take it after every meal.

Hot drinks: ginger and lemon tea

Although traditional Chinese medicine has used this root for centuries, in other cultures it is largely unknown. However, it is one of the most complete elements you will find.

Among its multiple benefits, the following stand out:

  • The digestive.
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Regulates sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • All of this is completed with its cleansing action,  especially on the colon.

It is best to take it at least once a day.

In turn, lemon will be the perfect complement. Its high content of vitamin C will be able to kill all the bacteria that are lodged in the intestine.

Thus, in addition to expelling toxins, it will eliminate adhesions that sometimes remain in the organ.

The flavor may be a little surprising, as it is not typical of an infusion. But don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to this mysterious spicy touch.

Hot drinks: aloe and lime

You’ve heard about the benefits of aloe vera for the skin and its healing, but it can also be used to detoxify the intestines.

When consumed regularly,  it becomes a booster for your intestinal tract.

As a result, you will get rid of substances that disturb your digestive system’s performance.

Plus, if combined with lime, you’ll get the relaxation that is sorely lacking in our current lifestyle.


  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)
  • 5 tablespoons and a half of aloe vera (about 80 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of lime (20 g)
  • a few drops of lemon


  • We’ll heat the glass of water and, when it boils, we’ll add the aloe.
  • After obtaining a homogeneous mixture, we will include the two tablespoons of lime and let it steep for a few minutes.
  • Finally, let’s drop a few drops of lemon and strain the contents before drinking.

With these infusions you will have your bowels clean, and with that you will be acting to prevent a multitude of diseases.

If you do not take it daily, as recommended, it  is vital that you focus on taking at least one week a month.

Watch and tell us what changes you’ve experienced!

Feeling better now? With more energy?

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