Diet To Care For Fragile Bones And Joints

When we begin to notice that we have fragile bones and joints, we must vary our usual diet. The goal is to maintain adequate levels of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D for our well-being.
Diet to care for fragile bones and joints

Even if you have iron health, bones and joints can start to fail. Bone pain is the result of wear and tear over time or a deficient diet that lacks the necessary nutrients.

That way, if we don’t consume enough calcium or antioxidants, our bone structure will be affected, sooner or later.

Although each day we become more knowledgeable about nutrition, it is difficult to organize our diet in a way that has all the benefits we are looking for.

Therefore, it is best to plan ahead, keeping in mind our goals.

In order for you to reach them, we want to propose some tips that will help you to develop the best diet for your needs. They are very simple to carry out and very useful. Let’s meet them?

Tips for Strengthening Fragile Bones and Joints

bones and joints

avoid the salt

It is true that it is impossible to have a diet without salt, since processed foods contain this substance. The problem is its high sodium content.

This causes more calcium to be eliminated through the urine, affecting bone health.

If you find it difficult to forgo flavor, we recommend using sea ​​salt as it is unrefined.

Thus, sea salt has minerals that neutralize the power of sodium and, in addition, does not generate fluid retention.

Moderate alcohol consumption

bones and joints

Excess alcohol prevents the absorption of calcium and vitamin D . Both are indispensable elements for the improvement of fragile bones and joints.

This is not to say that you should refuse a beer when you are at a social event. Giving up something we like is almost never advised.

The emotional aspect is an important component in the success of our decisions. Therefore, the ideal is not to exceed one glass of beer or glass of wine per day (200ml).

Caffeine promotes calcium loss

The issue of caffeine is more delicate in women who have already entered the period of menopause.

As we know, it is a delicate moment in women’s health, as there are major hormonal and cellular changes.

Therefore, it is from that moment that cases of osteoporosis and arthrosis set in. Drinking more than two cups of coffee a day speeds up decalcification for two reasons.

First, it favors the expulsion of calcium through the urine. And, in addition, it interferes with the absorption of calcium by the body.

Exaggerating protein intake increases bone loss

Many diets for weight loss purposes advise to introduce more protein into our recipes.

This guidance is given by the fact that proteins are easily digested, prevent fluid retention and intensify the loss of abdominal fat.

However, when we exceed the proper amount, the chemical reactions that are produced during digestion can damage the structure of our bones.

The ideal is to combine protein – rich ingredients with fruits and vegetables with high content of minerals, calcium and magnesium.

Exercises for fragile bones and joints

bones and joints

The bone system also needs exercise to stay healthy or to regain lost health.

When there is bone loss, it is essential to play sports gradually and progressively.

Therefore, it is best to opt for activities that use the body as a tool.

  • That way, there is no better exercise than walking or cycling.
  • In both cases, exercise improves your ability to support your own weight, while improving circulation and allowing you to support your bones and joints more effectively.
  • After a while, resistance can be trained, with activities such as hiking, or strength, through the use of weights.

Both exercises are more demanding on the joints, which means that they must be performed with caution and, if possible, with the supervision of a professional.

Coaches and trainers have the necessary knowledge to indicate the most convenient exercise.

As you can see, taking care of our bone system is easier than it sounds. All that must be done is to moderate the consumption of some foods.

If you want to reinforce your diet, just a few simple exercises will consolidate the benefits of the new habits.

So, are you excited to follow our advice?

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