Do You Still Relate Out Of Pity, Guilt Or Fear?

If you’re still with your partner out of pity, you might wonder if it’s the best thing you can do for both of you, or if it’s more appropriate to end the relationship.
Do you still relate out of pity, guilt or fear?

If you’re staying with your partner out of pity, guilt, or fear, now’s the time to ask yourself what all of this is generating.

Because you’re probably not feeling happy and your relationship isn’t based on love when it should be.

The partner often causes us pity or guilt, two feelings that often go hand in hand.

We can feel guilty about multiple things… how is a very good person, loves us a lot and obviously… how can we want to step out of the relationship and do you so much damage?

Fear, on the other hand, goes in totally different directions. Here you have to see situations of abuse or even certain fears that we have, and this forces us to remain attached to this relationship.

For example, if we suffer from emotional addiction.

Being with your partner out of pity or guilt will cause suffering

Maintaining a relationship out of pity or guilt causes suffering for both parties.

If you stay with your partner because you feel sorry and guilty and can’t tell him that you want to leave the relationship; you should keep in mind that even if you don’t want to see it, it’s doing you much more damage.

That person doesn’t deserve to be with someone who isn’t being totally honest with them. You want to leave him, but guilt and sadness approach you and make you give up on your attempts.

Human beings have the great power to be empathetic, something that can play for us or against us. The moment we want to leave our partner, it may be that their cries and sadness make us feel bad.

This is something everyone wants to avoid, however this is natural and should not be a barrier to making a decision that will actually benefit both of you.

  • On the one hand, you will stop being with someone out of pity, and you will stop perpetuating a relationship that is based on guilt and not love.
  • On the other hand, you will allow that person to be free so that they can live in true love.

What are you still with your partner out of fear?

woman hugging her partner

Continuing with your partner out of pity is very different than out of fear.

Why, what is the origin of this fear? Maybe you told him your intention to separate and he threatened you? Afraid he’s going to raise his hand to you, something you usually do?

In these situations, fear can paralyze her. However, it is very important to take courage from anywhere to end this situation.

In Brazil, by dialing 190, a number that doesn’t leave any traces on your phone, people on the other side can give you relevant instructions and resolve any queries you may have.

Of course, the last decision is yours.

If, on the other hand, your fear is not that, but that you will be alone and not find another partner; so we might be talking about emotional addiction.

A problem that affects a large part of society today, and for which professional help is needed. You will discover how, in reality, you don’t need anyone to be happy, and you can walk away from this relationship without being afraid of anything.

separate for your good

woman sad to let her partner go

If you stay with your partner out of pity, guilt, or fear, it’s important that you know that you need to separate for your own good. In fact, it’s the only way out that can be healthy for your relationship.

These 3 feelings together will not only cause more problems with your partner, but the relationship can become very toxic.

All because we’re avoiding putting a much-needed full stop.

We have to be aware that it is natural to feel pain, guilt or fear, but all these emotions cannot be with us unless we allow them to.

It is our duty to face them, because only then will we stop being in a relationship that is meaningless. We’re just being happy, and we’re also doing it with the other person.

If you stay with your partner out of pity, guilt, or fear, think very hard about what is benefiting both of you in this situation, and you will find that you are actually doing both of you far greater harm.

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