Does Afternoon Napping Make You Fat?

To prevent a nap from interfering with digestion and favoring the accumulation of fat, it is important not to eat excessively before a nap, in addition to resting for a maximum of 25 minutes.
Do afternoon naps make you fat?

Do you want to know if napping in the afternoon is fattening? So don’t miss out on the information we’ll share below.

Can napping in the afternoon stop us from losing weight?

This is a statement that many make with complete conviction. To find out if this is true, we must analyze the reasons that led us to think this way.

While napping is relaxing and helps us not to get so tired at night, it can also slow down our metabolism. This makes us gain weight.

Naps are usually taken after lunch. At this point, the body’s blood must take care of digestion. That’s why we feel sleepy and lacking in energy.

Is napping in the afternoon bad?

However, we must keep the metabolism active so that the digestive processes finish faster and we can continue with our routine.

If we take a nap, what we will do is increase this slowdown. We will promote the accumulation of fat and increase the difficulty of burning the calories we eat during a meal.

Also, after taking a nap, it’s a little difficult to go back to work or do our activities like before lunch. It can take much longer to finish the day’s pending issues.

To prevent sleep from overtaking us after eating, we should shift our attention to something else, like washing the dishes or going for a walk.

It’s not a matter of exercising or running in the park. It can be any quiet but non-relaxing activity, so that once the process of digestion is complete, the blood returns to its place and our brains are clear.

What to do to take an effective afternoon nap?

For a nap after lunch to be really invigorating and not harm weight loss and productivity, follow these tips:

1. Don’t drink coffee when you wake up

When we wake up from a nap, we get a little disoriented. That’s why many of us make the mistake of giving the body a “fuel” through the consumption of coffee. However, the caffeine is not an ally at this point.

This substance acts on the central nervous system and also stimulates the brain. What is wrong with it? It can cause insomnia, stress or hyperactivity.

sleep at work

2. Don’t overeat

A big meal doesn’t go well with a nap. The more we eat, the more the body needs to ask for a break, because the digestion process will take more time and resources. Do not repeat the dish or drink alcohol at lunch.

Binge eating is what makes us fat, not the hours we sleep afterwards. When we lie down to rest our stomach, it cannot do its job properly. So a light menu filled with raw vegetables and fruits will be perfect.

3. sleep in the dark

As the afternoon nap occurs at one of the brightest times of the day, it would be nice if the curtains or blinds were closed. If that’s not possible, put on a mask.

Sleeping in the light prevents the brain from relaxing and getting enough rest. Therefore, when you wake up, you will be more tired than when you go to bed.

In addition, it is recommended to leave a window open to facilitate oxygenation during a nap.

take a nap on the couch

4. Nap for a few minutes

The nap should be short, lasting less than half an hour. Some doctors recommend 25 minutes of sleep for your body and brain to benefit. Sleeping longer means entering the deep sleep stage.

During this phase, the mind sets in motion the same mechanisms as when we sleep at night. For this reason, it will be difficult to maintain productivity when you wake up.

5. Choose the sofa and not the bed

Sitting down for a nap in the afternoon is better than lying down completely. If you lie in bed, don’t cover yourself or put on your pajamas like it’s night. Being reclined allows sleep not to become too deep and we can wake up faster.

Follow these tips to prevent napping from slowing down your metabolism and can help you get a truly restful sleep.

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