Emotional Growth: 5 Permissions For Self

As contradictory as it may seem, the permissions that should have the most value in our conscience are the ones we give ourselves. What others say should be secondary.
Emotional Growth: 5 Permissions for Yourself

Let’s talk about the emotional permissions necessary for emotional growth. It is very possible that no one has talked to you about them. In fact, they are not studied in schools, nor are our parents often concerned with transmitting them.

Emotional permissions are the most important ingredients for a dignified, happy, balanced life. They are made up of freedoms and emotions that heal us in times of difficulty.

Now, we all know that most of the time we center our existence on the outside. We are concerned about being good with others, offering our best so that the rest are well.

However, why don’t we start to fix our gaze inward? Believe it or not, this is how a person really wakes up: looking inward to be freer on the outside.

Next, we propose to find out what five permissions you should give yourself to foster emotional growth. Start putting them into practice today. You only need two things to get it: courage and the desire to be happy.

The 5 Permissions for Your Emotional Growth

We give ourselves permissions at work to go to the doctor or to resolve bureaucratic matters. From time to time we give ourselves a few simple whims: going out with friends, buying a good book, a new dress, going out for a walk in solitude at the last hour of the day…

Well, what about happiness permissions? When was the last time you said to yourself “I will be happy?” We know that it is not easy, that no one can break their obligations like this to do only what they want.

However, the key is in balance and, above all, in giving ourselves permission to be happy in what we do. Write down these five keys.

Hummingbird representing emotional growth

1. I give myself permission to be who I am and not change for anyone

It may surprise you, but people change very often because of the influence of others. Sometimes a tumultuous and complicated couple relationship takes us away from many of our characteristics.

  • We stop being who we are to become someone’s shadow.
  • We forget to take care of ourselves and, little by little, we live with more fears than dreams and expectations.
  • So don’t change for anyone else. Defend your essence, your values, your inner beauty.
  • Give yourself permission to celebrate what you are without the need to make a waiver.

2. I give myself permission to feel and understand myself

It happens very often: we feel frustrated, angry at someone, hurt or disappointed. However, instead of disentangling this emotional world to seek a solution, we keep it deep in our hearts, hiding it.

  • We pretend that nothing is happening, that everything is fine, when in reality it is not.
  • Do not do this. Give yourself permission to feel, to understand, to resolve, and to heal. Emotional freedom is essential to cement happiness.
  • On the other hand, the fact of understanding what we feel and how certain things and people affect us, allows us to know ourselves much better.
  • So give yourself permission to delve into your darkest parts, bring them to light and heal them.

Something like this will no doubt force you to face many of your fears and unresolved problems that we all carry in our present.

Drawing and girl in the stage of emotional growth

3. I give myself permission to seek what I want

Before looking for what makes you happy, keep in mind what you want for emotional growth. Surprisingly, many people live a large part of their lives feeling an inner emptiness in which they are not clear about their priorities, nor do they know what they need to be happy.

  • Give yourself permission to reach inner calm. Let no one bring you bitterness, let no one force you to do things that don’t fit with your values.
  • Give yourself permission for every day to be worth it. It doesn’t matter if you have obligations and duties: treat yourself to two hours, doing what you want.
  • Define purposes to strive for, short-term and long-term goals and dreams.
  • Focus your life so that every time you open your eyes in the morning, your dreams push you forward, to keep on fighting.

4. I have the right to have my own opinion, and I give myself the right to express it

Do not be silent. Practice sincerity every day of your life. Only then will you feel the emotional congruence about what you think and feel.

Lion helping with the girl's emotional growth

5. I give myself permission to close steps

Closing cycles and steps is not exactly easy. So much so that many people refuse to do it. They think it’s better to shut up, support and maintain a dynamic that, even if it makes us unhappy, is the only one we have.

Don’t do this: give yourself permission to be happy and be able to let go of what doesn’t hold up, what’s bad, what’s not your size.

Close steps, say yes to changes that come for the better and that bring new opportunities to be happy. Choose to grow on the inside to be happy on the outside.

Finally, grant yourself these five permissions from today and support your emotional growth every day.

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