Emotional Void: The Area I Can’t Fill

What if you didn’t need anyone else to fill that emptiness you feel inside? Stop looking outside for someone to fill your emotional emptiness and fill it with yourself.

Emotional emptiness has a lot to do with the feeling of loneliness. 

That “being alone” that we try so hard to avoid because most people laugh at the lonely, criticize those who like to spend time with themselves.

As we are social beings, even though we have a strong self-esteem, in the end we end up trying to be like the others,  guiding us by beliefs that affirm that loneliness is for the losers.

What if we’re not like everyone else? This is wrong?

The never-ending quest to fill the emotional void

woman without emotional emptiness

In this sense, we end up trying to fill the inner void that resounds in our stomach, believing that something is missing, that we are incomplete.

Maybe all this has a lot to do with when we were kids.

The dysfunctional relationship with our parents, added to the beliefs of the quest for the prince charming,  makes us believe that  to be complete we need someone else.

What do we solve with this belief? Nothing. We only feed emotional dependence, our terrible malaise and an incessant search for that “other” who will never fill the void that makes us suffer.

We always look outside for what we believe we are lacking.

Something quite ironic, because depending on others to fill our voids means giving us away, needing other people to feel good and happy.

woman with empty heart

However, however much we seek, however much will we put in and however many lies we tell ourselves; we will continue to find ourselves in the same situation in which pain and disappointment will be very present.

How to prevent others from filling our emotional void

Not everything others think is right

When you feel embarrassed because you feel different, because they laugh at you since you can’t find anyone, and loneliness rules, stop wanting to fit in.

Stop wishing your life is what others say  it should be.

Sometimes start questioning certain beliefs taken for granted; since, in fact, there are many other ways of seeing things and experiencing them.

woman feeling empty emotional

Trying to get everyone to live in one way can be really exhausting and frustrating.

It is not necessary to have a partner or children to feel full and fulfilled.

This is a belief that seeks to make unhappy those who stray from what is seen as the “way to be followed”.

love yourself, want and pamper yourself

The fact that we believe that we are half an orange favors us from being in first place to  prioritize the other person who will be the one who will make us feel complete.

This will only feed the void that we try to fill with people, with words of affection and with a love that we don’t give ourselves.

If the desire is for the emotional emptiness to disappear, you need to love yourself,  pamper yourself and think about yourself first.

This is all before entering a relationship and proclaiming a love we don’t give ourselves.

It will be then when we will no longer depend on anyone.

So, if a relationship doesn’t work, that emptiness that brings us so much suffering will not reappear, because now we know that we do  n’t need anyone to fill it.

We just needed to focus on ourselves.

Woman with birds on empty beach

Stop thinking you need someone.

Stop feeding the void that has been created by erroneous beliefs about who we are and what we must be to be complete.

It’s time to love yourself,  to prioritize; even if this continues to be frowned upon,  something that is considered “selfish”.

Don’t allow yourself to go on believing that everything you hear around you is the only truth. Learn to question everything, because many beliefs make things worse.

Also, some are feeding your emotional emptiness without you realizing it.

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