Facial Exercises To Smooth Out Wrinkles

For these exercises to be more effective, apply a moisturizing cream before starting. We recommend repeating them in the morning and before going to sleep.

It is very important to learn and practice daily some exercises that can help delay the signs of aging, especially by smoothing out wrinkles in different parts of the face.

In general, we are concerned with exercising the body to keep it toned and healthy. However, we must also do the same with the face.

The face is the place that most quickly shows the effects that the passage of time causes. Therefore, it is essential to maintain constant care that this part of the body needs.

The essential thing is to maintain a healthy diet, in which fruits, vegetables and enough water are not lacking. In the same way, we must maintain some good and healthy lifestyle habits.

These are, for example: exercising moderately, sleeping well, avoiding alcohol consumption and avoiding situations that cause stress.

There are many treatments on the market to get rid of wrinkles, which – no doubt – are very effective, but they are also very expensive.

For this reason, in this article, we will recommend some facial exercise routines. They are equally effective in smoothing out facial wrinkles and, what’s more, they don’t cost anything.

We only have to dedicate a few minutes a day to carry them out and that’s it. Very easy! Check out.

Facial exercises to smooth out wrinkles and tone your face

smooth out wrinkles

exercises to smooth out wrinkles

Standing in front of a mirror and after taking a shower, try to move all the muscles in your face for at least ten minutes. If possible, these exercises can be done before going to sleep.

Toning and strengthening the eyelids

You should raise your gaze as high as possible, then to the right and to the left. Four sets of twenty repetitions each should be performed, resting two minutes between each set.

Keeping your cheeks and cheekbones toned

A very simple exercise is to close your mouth tightly and blow so that it fills with air and inflates. Also, move your tongue from right to left. Perform three sets of fifteen or twenty reps.

Keeping lips healthy and beautiful

Open your mouth as much as possible and then cover your teeth with your lips, hold this position for as long as you count to ten.

Then very slowly close your mouth. Relax your muscles before starting again. Do about five reps.

Fix the crow’s feet

crow's feet correction to smooth out wrinkles

With your fingertips, rub and press the wrinkles in up and down movements.

Remember if

Facial massages have the same results, as they act on the tissues, helping to correct the damage caused to the skin.

Thus, these massages can be done by stretching in the places where wrinkles are most often present.

In addition, they can be done for ten minutes in the morning or in the afternoon, if possible they can be helped with a few drops of sweet almond oil, which furthermore will help to moisturize and moisten the skin.

In short, before performing any of these facial exercises it is very important to apply a cream all over the face to stimulate and prepare the skin, in this way, the exercises that are performed will be much more effective.

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