First-time Mom: What To Do With So Much Advice

When you are a first-time mother, your loved ones always give advice and recommendations to be put into practice at this new stage. Usually, too much information will tend to confuse you.  
First-time mother: what to do with so much advice

The first-time mother who receives the wonderful news that she will be a mother for the first time tends to be overwhelmed by the plethora of advice she receives. They would like to put them all into practice, but comparing them, some (or most) contradict each other. However, what may work for one woman will not necessarily work for another.

In many cases you experience psychological and emotional pressures for wanting to do things as recommended. Especially if the advice comes from the mother, mother-in-law or other close relatives such as sisters and best friends. Usually, too much information will tend to confuse you.

Dealing with a lot of advice for the first-time mom can fill her with stress and confusion. For this reason it is essential to decide what to do with the recommendations received. Always keeping in mind that there is no surefire and unbreakable recipe for parenting . And it turns out that the mother, the baby, and each pregnancy has its own peculiarities.

What to do with so much advice given to the first-time mother? 

Exercises in pregnancy

No first-time mother is exempt from receiving advice at some point in her pregnancy. From the best way to put on a diaper, or the safest technique to put the baby to sleep, there will always be someone who seems to know more than you. However, keep in mind that the tips people give you are born out of good faith.

Therefore, it is necessary to be patient and make use of all the empathy you have . Those who advise you think this will help, not realizing they are doing it in a tone of constructive criticism. In cases where you begin to feel that such people are invading your privacy, you should use your assertiveness.

Hearing advice and thanking the other person for their intention does not imply having to do what they suggest. You can tell him, for example, that you will consider such a recommendation when you feel it is necessary. That way, you can define your space, and the other person will know that you’ve listened to their advice, but that you have your own ideas.

So, politely show that you will finally do what you and your baby find most convenient . That way, you can either discard the advice or apply it effectively, as you see fit.

If you feel that someone wants to impose your point of view, you might want to express yourself politely by saying that if you have any further questions about the matter, you’ll consult your expert . That should be enough for the person to understand your intrusion.

Tips for the first-time mom that shouldn’t be overlooked

More than advice, there are several reasons that have to do with common sense, and that it is important to take into account. These are actions that the mother must take to avoid falling into the extreme of self-sufficiency.

keep a healthy life 

Starting a healthy life (if you don’t have it) is a vital consideration for you and your baby. Staying away from alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances is, of course, one of the first actions you should take. Maintaining a balanced diet and exercising moderately , following your specialist’s instructions is another aspect that should be taken into consideration.

Ask for help 

Take care of food during pregnancy

Even if you are suffocated by the advice of your family members and have discarded most of them, ask for help if you need it . Sometimes we can give in to the desire to want to do everything on our own, but motherhood is a bit exhausting.

This time requires a lot of energy and dedication, so count on your partner, family or friends. There will always be someone willing to help you!

Recognize your limits 

You must be honest with yourself and recognize your limits . Maintaining a balance will not only relax you, it will give you the time and energy to enjoy your child with the physical, emotional, and psychological harmony he needs.

Finally, we know that the best way to learn to be a mother is often through trial and error. Even if motherhood came accompanied with a manual, no person can predict what their maternal experience will be . So enjoy your pregnancy and birth to the fullest, because even if you have more children later, the experience will not be the same as the first.


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