Home Remedies To Decongest The Sinuses

Congestion of the paranasal sinuses can be caused by environmental or physiological conditions. Inflammations and infections can occur due to a cold, flu, when there is exposure and contact of the individual with infectious agents or allergens, such as dust, pollen, pets, etc.

There are millions of allergic people who suffer to decongest the paranasal sinuses, so we will talk about  some very useful, practical and natural recommendations and treatments to reduce as much as possible the characteristic symptoms of nasal congestion.

Home remedies to deflate the sinuses

apple cider vinegar

Among the numerous health benefits, we can highlight the importance of apple cider vinegar for the treatment of sinus infections.

For these purposes, it is recommended to mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 227 ml of warm water and then add one tablespoon of honey. This mixture can be taken once a day, until the infection is completely gone.

Apple vinegar

Another no less efficient strategy to decongest the sinuses is to inhale the steam that forms the mixture of half a glass of water with apple cider vinegar.

The preparation must be boiled and the steam inhaled, before cooling, with the eyes and mouth closed. This procedure must be performed at least three times a day.

the saffron

Turmeric has a powerful nutrient called curcumin, this nutrient offers numerous health benefits, working to combat inflammation of the sinuses.

Its properties can be fully exploited when we incorporate saffron in the seasoning of different dishes.

nasal wash

Nasal neti pot-Breigh-Hammarlund-500x375

This is a very old home procedure used for many generations. It is a complementary treatment, but if done according to the recommendations, it can achieve very efficient results.

To do this nasal wash, we must mix a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of sea salt and then wash the nostrils.

There is a container widely used in Indian culture for these purposes, which is also sold in Brazil. In the absence of this tool, a large syringe can also be used.

Insert the syringe with the solution into one side of the nostril, wait for the water to flow through the other nostril, repeat the operation in the nostril on the opposite side. For faster results, repeat this operation several times a day.

Additional recommendations:

Place your head on the pillow so that it is elevated enough to avoid problems such as lack of or reduced oxygenation during sleep.

Make warm salt water compresses by alternating positions (in the middle and on both sides of the nostrils) several times a day or as needed.

Consume adequate amounts of vitamin C and D daily.

Drink plenty of water, as it hydrates mainly the mucosal region, helping to eliminate the accumulation of mucus present in inflammation and obstructions.

Keep the home (especially the bedroom) and work environment clean, airy and free of objects that could cause allergies.

The tongue and thumb can be two very useful tools to help decongest the nose.

Try pressing with your tongue on the top of your mouth (palate) and at the same time pressing your fingers on the area between the bone at the base of your nose and your eyebrows for twenty seconds.

This way you will feel that the sinuses start to decongest.

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