How To Control Anxiety Using Essential Oils

Do you suffer from anxiety? Try these essential oils in several different ways to reduce it and keep it under control.
How to Control Anxiety Using Essential Oils

Perhaps you’ve wondered how to manage anxiety in a way other than by taking medications that cause side effects. Among these effects, we can mention fatigue, discouragement and apathy. Next, you will discover a natural alternative to reduce anxiety through the use of certain essential oils.

Several primary care articles show that one in four consultations is related to anxiety. This is pretty serious. Next, we’ll find out how to control anxiety with the help of three essential oils.

How to Control Anxiety with Essential Oils

1. Lavender

lavender essential oil
Lavender is one of the most traditional essential oils, with calming and relaxing effects.

The first way to control anxiety could be none other than lavender essential oil. This is a plant that many consider medicinal due to its calming and relaxing properties.

How can we use it for this purpose? Putting a drop of this essential oil in a diffuser or giving a gentle massage. It offers the following benefits:

  • Stimulates a positive emotional state.
  • Reduces fatigue caused by stress.
  • Reduces hostility.
  • Promotes harmony and balance of emotions.

A tip to improve the effects of lavender when we suffer from anxiety is to take a hot water bath. To do this, put a few drops of this essential oil in water. This is an ideal remedy for people with anxiety to use at least every fortnight to keep this feeling under control.

2. Geranium to control anxiety

Geranium essential oil is little known. However, like lavender, it has very beneficial properties that can be of great help to all those who are suffering from a period of anxiety.

As in the previous case,  we can use it in a diffuser so that its aroma spreads throughout the house and gives us all the benefits of aromatherapy.

  • Helps reduce states of anxiety and agitation.
  • Allows balance the nervous system.
  • Improves mood swings.
  • Reduces nervous fatigue.

It is important to say that this essential oil can be mixed with lavender. Thus, we can increase its effects and receive double benefits.

How to control anxiety with this mixture? There is a trick, in addition to putting this oil in a diffuser: gently massage your feet with this mixture  or the parts of your body that are more tense.

3.  Ylang Ylang

ylang ylang
Although little known, this flower has the ability to calm states of anxiety.

If you want to find out how to control anxiety with other essential oils, you can also use ylang ylang, which means “flower of flowers”. It is a little-known oil, but whose properties can have a surprising impact in reducing and calming anxiety states:

  • It’s a natural antidepressant.
  • Allows to reduce nervous tension.
  • It helps to control fear and frustration.
  • Favors good self-esteem.

In case we are in a state of high anxiety, we can take an inhalation with the oil vapor: boil the water and add a few drops of this essential oil. When the water boils, with a towel over your head, breathe in the steam of the ylang ylang essential oil .

Additional Tips for Managing Anxiety

In addition to using the aforementioned essential oils in the different ways indicated, it is important to perform other types of actions. For example, we can put the desired essential oil in a diffuser and meditate for about five or ten minutes. In this way, the relaxed state will be much greater.

In addition, it  is necessary to emphasize the importance of physical exercise. If you don’t like running, you can practice yoga, a very positive activity to reduce anxiety and which brings us great well-being. In addition to all this, looking for a psychologist is essential in these cases.

We hope you have learned to control anxiety with these natural remedies. We also  encourage you to start a therapy process, as the practitioner will understand the cause of anxiety and the tools that can be put into practice to deal with it. This, together with the help of essential oils, will give you great well-being.

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