How To Handle An End On Social Media?

Technology greatly favors communications, but it is also present when we no longer want to know more about the ex. In this post, we explain how to handle a termination on social media. 
How to handle an end on social media?

A breakup or separation in a couple hits people’s hearts and egos hard. As much as you don’t express it, there is a time of pain you need to regain your emotional balance. That same ending on social media can make it harder to get over that love and get your feelings to calm down.

For this reason, we have to know how to handle termination on social media with total respect and care. It is necessary, immediately, to  control the instincts that lead us to read each ex-partner’s publication. 

Termination on social media: a parallel separation?

Broken heart symbolizing the end of the relationship

When the relationship reaches its end point, each one goes his way in search of other horizons. More commonly, there is one member who is more convinced of the decision than the other. It may even happen that the person who took the initiative to terminate the bond has carried out a battle during the months prior to termination.

Social networks appear in this situation having a very important role. Some use them as a great method of virtual espionage, others as tools to keep informed of the life of another, this being that they still remember with love.

On the other hand, others see them as a means of communication that they will no longer use with this person who has been erased from their life. What is certain is that  we have to take a firm stand on the use of networks,  as important as if we were to carry out another parallel separation.

The ideal is to do it right away and  find the form that does the least damage to both,  as love and hate are immediately echoed with a simple click.

What to do with social media during termination?

1. Don’t share new posts with your ex

If you have broken up with a long-term partner,  chances are your profile will have different pictures of where they are together. Last year’s vacation, a birthday or Valentine’s Day photos are among the best memories.

Eliminating all memories can be quite aggressive and negative. Even though annoyance or frustration can help to erase the past, it’s also true that these are happy times that you both lived together. Both must know that the past will be in the memory, regardless of social networks.

An end on social media, sometimes it is not understood

It cannot be argued that everyone is the owner and can handle the situation as they see fit, but the advice is  not to share with the ex the posts that are made right after the end.

2. Do not comment on the ex’s new posts

Being hung up on the publications of your ex-partner and all your friends on the networks can become an addiction. The desire to know in detail each of their movements and relationships can become unhealthy. Where he goes, what time he connects, with whom he appears and a multitude of doubts begin to arise.

Those who let themselves be overwhelmed by anxiety comment on each photo playing an out-of-date ex, who doesn’t really convince anyone. It’s a terrible mistake because they can’t end the bond  and only give the other a feeling of being persecuted. If we want to win back that person’s heart, harassing him virtually is the worst of ideas.

3. Avoid sharing termination details

Compulsively writing on every social network about the pain the partner has caused definitely  does not help to heal. The most crazy believe they are victims of the situation and hope to obtain a kind of virtual justice. In his thinking, the culprit must be discovered and the people around him must be on the alert not to be harmed.

It’s another way to be anchored in a relationship that didn’t work  and clearly doesn’t do any good. Because the person cannot “detach” from an emotional point of view, when he still harbors feelings of resentment or revenge.

View termination on social media through cell phone

The breakup on social media should complement the real breakup,  they’re not two different stories. Therefore, we have to take the necessary measures not to fall into a vicious circle from which they will not be able to get out. The necessary measures are:

  • Block the ex until you are sure of your feelings.
  • Avoid becoming passionate detectives by searching profiles of mutual friends.
  • Goodbye comments from memories of the past.
  • Don’t show up as outclassed and show up at parties with new casual mates.


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