How To Recognize And Avoid Your Partner’s Emotional Manipulation?

You may be surprised, but emotional manipulation is not so easy to identify. Here we will give you some advice that can help you. Don’t miss it.
How to recognize and avoid your partner's emotional manipulation?

Emotions are the dimensions that make us human; wonderful sensations that can range from the most tranquil happiness to the most desolate sadness. We are rarely more vulnerable when we are in love. At this moment, it is more difficult for us to notice the famous emotional manipulation by our partner.

How do we know if we are experiencing emotional manipulation?

You may be surprised, but emotional manipulation is not so easy to identify. But why? Basically because we are talking about this complex and intense dimension that is love.

There are many people who confuse, for example, “domination” with love: “my partner is jealous because he likes me”… It is, without a doubt, one of the most common phrases and one that brings more problems in the long run. But let’s go deeper into the topic.

1. To love is not to possess

There are many couples who usually do everything together. Outings, trips… It’s something very positive and even necessary, but it’s only good when there is no “control”.

There are those, for example, who do not agree with their partner leaving home alone, having their own friendships, and even more, having their own work and professional life.

We have to go carefully. Love is not shown by controlling a person, let alone forbidding him to do something.

In these cases, phrases such as: “ Are you going to go out dressed like that?”, “Why are you going out with this friend if you can go out with me?”, ” If you do that. will be showing that you don’t want me. I do everything for you and you don’t appreciate it”.

2. The need to take care of our self-esteem

Emotional manipulation is directly linked to our self-esteem. In a relationship, we do everything for the other person, we love them above everything else, and we would do everything for them.

All of this is sincere and good, but we also have to know how to protect ourselves.

If your partner values ​​his own needs more than yours and acts with some selfishness, day by day you will suffer the effects and will feel worse.

Most people conceive of love as an exchange of affection and desires, where there is a balance between what we give and what we receive.

If we are the ones who give everything, we will feel empty, manipulated and with a very low self-esteem, which will make it very difficult for us to find happiness in everyday things.

3. When we lose our identity little by little

It could be that before entering a relationship, you were part of a social circle that made you happy and you had vital projects that you tried to achieve day by day.

But sometimes we fall in love with those we shouldn’t, all this because, on many occasions, it’s something we can’t master, it happens suddenly and we fall into a carousel of intense emotions.

Although there are people who are not mature enough to be in a healthy relationship, they, instead of making us happy and helping us to grow as a couple, are taking away our identity.

They forbid them to attend certain friendships, prioritize their own wishes over yours, even belittling what you do.

They underestimate us, say we’re stupid, that we don’t do certain things right… They put us down and make us stop being who we were before: happy people full of dreams.

How to avoid emotional manipulation

sad woman

To avoid emotional manipulation, we must be clear about our limits. How far are we able to go in a relationship? And where are our limits?

The moment we realize that we are already unhappy. It’s easy to understand, but there are many people who, despite knowing they are unhappy, do not leave their relationship.

How can this happen? Basically for these reasons:

  • Because despite not being happy, they continue to love their partner. Taking such a big step is always complicated and painful.
  • They fear loneliness. Fear of being alone.
  • You are afraid, afraid that your partner will take the breakup of the relationship in a negative way.

What we have to do is basically be brave and consistent. Ask yourself if you are willing to spend your whole life with someone who manipulates you for their own interest and benefit and who doesn’t respect you.

You may not dare to end the relationship, but at this point it is important that you are very aware that this relationship is toxic, and that it is important to balance the pros and cons.

Seek support. Your family and friends are people who can help you regain your strength that sometimes disappears. Leaving a relationship is never easy and always causes pain for both parties.

But remember: we all have the right to be happy and you always deserve the best. You deserve to wake up every day with peaceful horizons full of dreams and ensure that there are people who can make you happy and who will truly appreciate you.

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