How To Smooth Out Wrinkles Under The Eyes?

To soften expression lines and moisturize the region, it is highly recommended to apply a little Vaseline around the eyes before sleeping.
How to smooth out wrinkles under the eyes?

Collagen and elastin are protein fibers in skin cells that provide strength and elasticity. The fibers form a network that, by pressing or stretching healthy young skin – which contains a lot of collagen – allows the skin to recover easily and quickly. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can smooth out wrinkles under your eyes.

The production of collagen and elastin depletes over time, where the skin becomes thinner and loses its ability to recover, even though most skin changes are caused by the sun.

The area located under the eyes is generally more vulnerable to damage caused by the eye, as the skin in this area is very thin and your face, directly or indirectly, is exposed to the sun all day.

However, something you probably didn’t know is that under-eye wrinkles are largely determined by genetics. It is very difficult to change your innate wrinkle pattern, you can adopt behaviors that can significantly reduce their severity. Find out below!

Advice and remedies to reduce wrinkles under the eyes

  • Egg white is known for its important action in skin stretching, as it helps us to stretch loose skin and will be very helpful if we want to eliminate these wrinkles under the eyes.

  • Avocado has been a very healthy food due to its high vitamin E content. It is a stimulant for collagen formation because it helps the skin fight aging and helps people with dermatitis and pimple problems. The avocado mask will help to hydrate the skin around the eyes and bring in fatty acids that will benefit this area. Over time you can see that vitamin B and E will give you beautiful skin.
  • Cucumber can be an excellent option for eliminating eye wrinkles, as it contains up to 96% water, has vitamin C, vitamins and some essential oils. The ideal is to apply a little cucumber juice, although it can also be applied in slices, in the area where the wrinkles are. The properties that cucumber contains will reduce wrinkles, dark circles and refresh tired or puffy eyes.
Cucumber to smooth out wrinkles under the eyes

Other advice

  • Restful sleep is very important. When we deprive ourselves of sleep, we bring almost immediate and very noticeable consequences, as bags appear in the eyes causing dry skin and wrinkles.
  • Drink plenty of water. Remember that this is very important for us to stay hydrated, so apply it to your facial skin as well. When we use a moisturizing cream, we prevent dryness and the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.
  • Spreading a little Vaseline around the eyes before going to sleep will moisturize, soften and smooth expression lines.
  • Mix a little olive oil, milk and rose water. Apply with a cotton around the eyes. This will help us relax and immediately highlight the area.
  • Watch out! When applying creams or masks, you don’t need to stretch your skin. Apply in small touches until the skin absorbs the product. For the results to be remarkable, the application must be constant.
  • Use an eye shadow that attracts light and reflects it. It’s better when it comes to a cream, since it’s moisturizing, it softens the expression. Powders are not recommended as they dry out the skin and accentuate lines.
  • To relax your eyes and make your eyes stay young longer, you can do a little exercise: when you feel tension in your eyes, you should close them and rest for a few seconds. Then open them as much as possible until you feel the muscles stretched. Repeat the operation several times.
  • Do not forget! The area near the eyes is very sensitive, so we shouldn’t rub, scratch or mistreat.

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