How To Treat Dry Skin Completely

The skin needs care like any organ in our body. Maintaining a daily hydration routine will help prevent and treat dry skin. Here are some tips that will help you achieve it.
How To Treat Skin Dryness Completely
The skin is the most extensive organ in the human body and is our protection against all kinds of external agents.

Remember that, like any other organ, we need to take care of it in order for it to function properly. Thanks to exposure to the sun, chemicals and changes in temperature, our skin undergoes changes in its texture and composition.

Dryness can be a warning that our bodies are also dehydrated, however, on the aesthetic side, dry, battered skin is uncomfortable and unattractive.

We all want some hydrated legs and a healthy face, but if you notice signs of dryness, in Better Health we have some fabulous tips you should put into practice to treat it.

Causes of dry skin

In more severe cases of dryness, there may be itching or scaling of the skin, causing pain and, on several occasions, the appearance of ulcers or sores.

Dry skin can be genetic and hereditary, but factors such as weather, sun exposure, skin care or skin conditions can also influence it. In many cases, it may be due to a lack of vitamins A and E, a poor or unbalanced diet, high in fat but not vitamins.

Most cases of dry skin are due to poor care. Use aggressive soaps, do not apply moisturizers, do not use sunscreen, etc.

All the situations described above can be resolved at home by following certain steps and tips that will help to revitalize your skin’s health.

Care to treat skin dryness

Dry skin

Usually, there are basic precautions we should take. Do not abuse hot water, use soaps with a neutral pH and moisturize your skin after showering.  Get out of the house using sunscreen, it’s essential as a daily routine to keep your skin healthy.

In the case of skin with more aggressive dryness, there are several tricks that we can add to our routine to improve its texture:

Good nutrition

As we mentioned before, a balanced diet is critical to the overall health of the body and our skin is no exception. Eating fruits, vegetables and vegetables rich in vitamins will help hydrate your body from within, making your skin radiant.

Water consumption throughout the day is also very important. Remember that the rule of 2 liters per day is not necessary, consume as much water as your body asks for. Water is essential to keep your body hydrated, so you have to include it in your diet.


Exfoliation to treat skin dryness

Although it is believed that exfoliation dries the skin even more, thanks to the removal of dead cells, it  helps to repair and regenerate the skin by moisturizing it.

Use the scrub that you like best. It can be salt, sugar or coffee. Choose one that isn’t as abrasive for your skin’s condition and rub it in a circular motion to get rid of all the dead skin.


In addition to consuming it thanks to its properties, milk is an excellent skin moisturizer. The high protein content in milk softens and moisturizes leaving a smooth finish.

Fill a bathtub with milk and let your body (or dry area) submerge for about 20 minutes. After that, remove the remains of the milk with warm water, not soap. The proteins will penetrate your skin, giving it shine and moisture.

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Oils to treat skin dryness

Oils are known to contain vitamins and nutrients, excellent for combating and treating dry skin.

Add two tablespoons to your daily moisturizer, this will give you extra moisture that will suit your skin really well. Apply this mixture to areas where there is more dryness once or twice a day.


In the case of the face, which is one of the most affected areas, you can use tonics that help to clean and remove makeup and even humidify a lot more.

Make a milky oil tonic by adding one tablespoon of oil to four tablespoons of milk, mixing well. 

With the help of a cotton swab, dip and wipe all over your face,  you will see results in a few days and your face will feel much more hydrated.

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