How To Treat Fibromyalgia With Herbs

People who suffer from this condition are often very sensitive to pain. So we show you how to treat fibromyalgia with herbs.
How to Treat Fibromyalgia with Herbs

Fibromyalgia is a disease that causes muscle pain and fatigue. People who suffer from this condition often have some regions of the body that are very sensitive to pain. So we show you how to treat fibromyalgia with herbs.

Typically, these pains occur in the neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs and hips. Fibromyalgia is very painful and uncomfortable, which makes the search for treatment very important.

A large percentage of people who have fibromyalgia (between 80% to 90% of them) are women.

However, although the exact causes are still unknown, this disease is often associated with traumatic events or high stress, recurrent injuries, malaise, as well as illness.

How to Treat Fibromyalgia with Herbs

cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has been found to have properties that help to treat the discomfort caused by fibromyalgia. Among them is capsaicin, which is an effective pain reliever of natural origin.

In fact, many creams to treat muscle pain contain cayenne pepper because of its usefulness in alleviating these problems.

How to Treat Fibromyalgia with Herbs

To treat fibromyalgia with this herb, you can drink cayenne pepper tea by mixing a quarter of a teaspoon in a cup of hot water.

It is best to prepare in the morning and drink during the day. It is very important not to drink more than one cup a day. Otherwise, you run the risk of severely irritating the mucosa.


Another herb that serves to fight fibromyalgia is hyperic acid. It is also known as St. John’s wort and is a medium-sized plant that produces a yellow flower with long petals.

This herb is mainly used for depression as it has shown excellent results in this regard. We must remember that depression is one of the main symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, so fighting it is a great help.

 How to Treat Fibromyalgia with Herbs, Hypericum

As if that wasn’t enough, in addition to fighting depression, the hyperic is used for other things, such as calming the pain and fighting insomnia.

The best way to consume this remedy is through capsules or supplements that are usually sold in health food stores or pharmacies. Some people also make tea with their flowers, so the latter is also an option.

Hypericum despite being an herb, have interactions with medications that we can take, such as antidepressants, contraceptives and others. Therefore, consult your doctor or a pharmacist to find out if you can consume it.

There are false beliefs that medicinal plants are totally harmless, this is a mistake, as plants are the origin of many medicines that we use today in chemical form.


Harpagóphyte, how to treat fibromyalgia with herbs?

The harpagophyte is a plant popularly known as “devil’s claw”. This is because its fruits are a type of woody capsule with sharp spines with a hook-shaped tip.

The components of this herb make it very effective in fighting certain ailments like arthritis. That’s why it started to be one of the herbs used for the treatment of fibromyalgia, with excellent results.

“Devil’s claw” has a very potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect . Thus, it is another great option to treat fibromyalgia with herbs, reducing the pain caused.

In addition to stimulating appetite, it lowers cholesterol, is depurative and calms intestinal spasms. To consume it, it is common to apply the plant extract on pain regions, prepare infusions or buy capsules.

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