Interview With Manuel Antonio Fernández About The Importance Of Neuropediatrics

Pediatric neurology can improve the correct development of children by early detection of possible nervous system problems.
Interview with Manuel Antonio Fernández on the importance of neuropediatrics

Neuropediatrics treats a large number of pathologies in newborns, children and adolescents. Specialists in pediatric neurology, such as Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández, highlight the relevance of this area focused on childhood nervous system disorders.

However,  many parents are still completely unaware of the existence of these experts. Neurological problems are almost always very mild, but also common: motor and communication delay, sleep problems, headaches, hyperactivity…

These types of conditions almost always generate a lot of doubts and uncertainties in families. Knowing that we can count on these types of specialized professionals is decisive. In this way, we can treat a large number of clinical realities early to promote better development in children.

We discussed this important topic with one of the most recognized exponents in this field: Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández.

Interview with Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández

If we are talking about neuropediatrics, it is almost inevitable not to refer to Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández. He was recognized as the best pediatrician in Spain at the Doctoralia Awards and is one of the most appreciated professionals in this area by thousands of families and other professionals who emphasize, above all, the care, proximity and vast experience of this professional.

Behavioral and learning problems, autism, attention disorder with or without hyperactivity, babies who take too long to get up or crawl … As Dr. Fernández, the neurological problems in children can be very large, and is the best pediatric neurology tool to detect them, treat and accompany the family in this type of approach.

Knowing that everything will work out, that we have real experts in this specific field of pediatrics is, without a doubt, a great help. Next, we discussed neuropediatrics with Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández.

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  • Epilepsy
  • migraines 
  • febrile seizures
  • sleep disorders

Other conditions that are also frequent, but that for parents have little to do with pediatric neurology, are those related to neurological development disorders:

  • Autism and other autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s syndrome
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Learning Disorders Like Dyslexia 
  • Communication problems such as language delay
  • Tics and other movement disorders such as stereotypes or Tourette’s syndrome


Q. And what are the most serious problems?

Q. Could you explain the most frequent causes of neurological problems in children?

Q. Why have diagnoses of this type of problem increased over previous decades?

Q. Can you explain how these disorders are detected and diagnosed?

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