Know The Right Times To Eat

Although everything depends on the availability of each person’s schedule, there is a recommended schedule for each meal of the day. Complying with this timetable will help us to make the most of them and to divide our food well throughout the day.
Know the right times to eat

In recent years, it has been recommended to correct some eating behaviors to improve the quality of the diet. In addition to making good food choices, we hear that we need to eat more consciously. That’s why we also received suggestions on the right times to eat.

While it’s true that this schedule largely depends on each person’s habits, there are certain “principles” that we must adhere to. In this way, we make the most of food and, in addition, we promote important functions such as metabolism. Find out more about it!

right time to consume food

Until a few years ago, the importance of timetables for food consumption was ignored. However, today many nutritionists advise keeping regular hours every day as part of good eating habits.

In fact, it is recommended to eat more small meals rather than three large ones, as this keeps your metabolism active and reduces your tendency to overeat and under-eat. In this regard, a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics noted that:

However, each of these meals should have a regular schedule, considering the role each one plays in our nutrition. Let’s see what the recommendations are below.

Breakfast from 7am

person having breakfast

In a publication in the journal Circulation , the American Heart Association (AHA) highlights that breakfast, the first meal of the day, should be eaten within 2 hours of waking up, usually between 5 am and 10 am.

However, there are those who suggest that 07:00 or 08:00 am is the proper time to consume breakfast-related foods.

What a good breakfast should have? As we know, it is the most important meal of the day, so it has to be very energetic. It should have some fruits, cereals and some foods that contain calcium. With that, we have a full breakfast.

Sometimes some people cannot eat breakfast because they get up without hunger. In these cases, we recommend waiting for some time (take the opportunity to clean up in the morning, air the room…) for the body to wake up and hunger to appear.  Drinking a glass of water can help.

The right time for a snack: between 10am and 11am

After breakfast, we go to the gym, go to work or take care of our responsibilities. So, between 10am or 11am it is advisable to eat something. It’s the perfect time to grab some fruit, a granola bar or yogurt with nuts.

If we manage not to skip this snack, all the better. Having breakfast at 8am, for example, we would arrive at lunch very hungry without this small meal. Probably, with such hunger, we will have a snack before lunch, an unhealthy habit.

Therefore, eating something light at this time of the morning will help us withstand hunger until lunchtime. In addition, it will also give us more energy. If we wish, we can enjoy a cup of coffee too.

Lunch, from 1pm

Family lunch

Before 13:00 it is not recommended to eat, unless, under certain circumstances, we do not have another time available to eat that meal. Until what time can we postpone lunch? Well, no later than 3pm.

In this meal we have to include some vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and carbohydrates. It should be a satisfying meal, but not too heavy. This can be counterproductive and harm energy levels.

After lunch, we can eat something light, like a fruit, for dessert. Also possible to have with a cup of tea. The infusions help with digestion and are very good in the stomach.

Afternoon snack time!

The afternoon snack is not a child’s thing. Them dultos, as are lunch, they should also have a snack. That way we can better hold on until dinner and avoid snacking on any unhealthy food.

A review published in Advances in Nutrition highlights that snacking, but especially making good food choices, has the potential to add valuable nutrients to the daily diet. It also increases the feeling of satiety and contributes to a healthy weight.

The appropriate time for a snack is between 4pm and 5pm. If we had lunch at 3pm, we can extend this time until 6pm. It’s important for us to know that all these right eating times are flexible and we can adapt them to our lifestyle.

In the afternoon snack, we can eat a handful of dried fruits, which will give us a lot of energy. Also, if we haven’t eaten yogurt yet, this is a good time to do so. If we accompany it with some nuts, it will be a complete food.

Dinner should not take place after 9 pm

Light and nutritious dinner: know the right times to eat

The proper time for dinner is from 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm. It is not advisable to have dinner later, unless we are used to sleeping very late.

Remember that you  must wait at least two hours after dinner to go to bed. Surely you’ve already slept on a full stomach. And what happened? It is often very difficult to fall asleep, there is discomfort and you have probably noticed too much gas.

Therefore, it is important to have dinner as early as possible so that we have time to digest. Dinner should be light. A soup, a fish, a chicken breast, some vegetables are good alternatives.

At the same time, it should be a meal that is rich in vitamins and does not involve heavy digestion. Some people just have a glass of milk or a small sandwich. This may also be suitable. Each person’s needs are different.

In summary, these are just a few recommendations, but it all depends on our needs. In addition, each person has their own job and responsibilities that may require different meal times. What are your meal times? Do they correspond with the ones we recommend?

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