Learn About The Magnificent Water Therapy To Lose Weight

Lose weight painlessly, easily and without starvation? Yes, it is possible. Thanks to water therapy, in addition to feeling satiated, you will purify excess toxins
Learn more about the magnificent water therapy to lose weight

What are you doing to lose those extra pounds? Is it costing you a lot and are you tired of trying different diets? It’s common that, as you make the first few attempts, you feel overwhelmed by the results.  Also, after a few weeks, you may stop seeing the desired effects as your body adapts to the changes.

If you are looking for new options or something simpler, you should know about water therapy to lose weight. Have you ever heard of her? If not, or if you still have questions, read on as we’ll talk a little bit about the subject.

You will find that this therapy has many benefits and is very simple. Plus, you won’t need to make severe changes or go through extreme limits.

Where does water therapy to lose weight come from?

Although this water therapy for weight loss has started to become known in the western world in recent years, it is well known in Japan.

In that country it is used to clean the stomach and improve the functioning of the digestive system.  In addition, it has been found to help gain energy as well as facilitate weight loss.

Traditionally, it is recommended to drink plenty of water a few minutes after getting up. In Japan, they call the early morning hours the “golden hours”. It is believed that this is when drinking water greatly improves the functioning of the digestive system and overall health.

What does water therapy to lose weight consist of?

girl drinking water to lose weight

While the name of the therapy may sound complicated or imply that it will be too restrictive, it is the opposite. Water therapy to lose weight has some very specific rules or steps that are simple to apply. These are:

  • As soon as you wake up, drink about 400 or 600 ml of natural water. It is important that you do this before consuming any food. In total, this amount of water can amount to around 4 to 6 glasses of water, depending on their capacity.

Ideally, the water should be at room temperature or warm, if it’s cold. If you want a little flavor, you can add the fresh juice of a lemon, but no sweetener.

  • Brush your teeth and wait between 45 minutes and an hour to consume any food. Don’t worry if you woke up very hungry: the amount of water you should drink will definitely help you feel some satiety while waiting for the 45 minutes to pass.
  • Have a light breakfast. Although it should be a full breakfast that provides nutrients, it  is important to pay attention to including natural, organic, and good quality foods.  Avoid highly processed foods, meats and fats.

Smoothies or salads are a good option, although a mixture of oatmeal with nuts and milk will also work.

  • The rest of your meals should be light  for water therapy to lose weight to really work.
  • Two hours after consuming the food, you should avoid drinking any liquid.  However, be sure to drink the recommended two liters of water a day.

General recommendations when following water therapy to lose weight

woman drinking water to lose weight
  • You can add a pinch of salt to the water to facilitate your body’s hydration, but as long as it doesn’t bring health problems like high blood pressure.

In general, if your doctor has recommended a low-sodium diet, avoid this trick. You will find that your body absorbs all the water it naturally requires.

  • Avoid drinks with coffee, alcohol or irritants of any kind.  Because water therapy for weight loss aims to heal your body, it will be more receptive to damage than these drinks. To ensure there are no problems, put these drinks aside for a while.

If you want something with flavor, opt for green shakes or natural fruit juices in small amounts.

Tell us, did you already know about this therapy? Have you experienced it? How did it work for you?


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