Learn To Uncapping The Ear Naturally

Wax buildup can create obstructions that make hearing difficult. In order not to reach these extremes, it is important that we first make use of home remedies.
Learn to unplug the ear naturally

We can end up with a plugged ear for different reasons. Either because of the excess of wax or because a lot of water got in, for example. Using home remedies it is possible to unplug the ear, avoiding discomfort, lack of hearing and possible infections.

Why do we keep our ear covered?

One of the most common reasons is respiratory infections, that is, those that occur in the upper respiratory tract, such as sinusitis or colds. The duct of the nasal passages, like the inner ear, becomes full of mucus and this can cause the ear to clog.

The second cause is the accumulation of wax, especially when very thick “layers” are formed that can only be removed with proper tools and knowledge.

As mentioned before, contact with water can cause the ear to plug. Therefore, swimmers suffer a lot from this problem of water accumulation in the inner channel.

This explains why, in summer, cases of obstructed ears increase, as people dive into a pool, sea or river without paying attention to the water (and other organisms) that can enter their body.

See what to do with a plugged ear

High altitudes, unlike what you’re used to, also cause ear obstruction. That is why it is common for this discomfort to arise when traveling by plane,  especially during takeoff. It can also happen when visiting places that have a very high altitude.

How to unplug the ear according to the cause

In case the ear starts to plug due to the accumulation of wax (and before it is completely blocked) it is possible to unplug it with home remedies:

Mix equal parts alcohol and vinegar, tilt your head and add a few drops using an eyedropper. Hold for five minutes. Put some cotton in the ear and return to the upright position.

Another option for this cause is to mix drops of warm water with drops of olive oil or baby oil. Put it in the ear, aside, and leave it for five minutes. Wipe off the rest that may come out of the ear with a clean cloth. Rinse with warm water to soften the wax and gently towel dry.

And, in either case, resist the temptation to use cotton swabs, because what they do is compress the wax, helping to form the plug.

capped earache

In case the obstruction is caused by an airplane or a pressure difference, it is possible to relieve it by chewing gum or sucking candy. Adding a good amount of saliva in the mouth and swallowing in one go helps to balance the pressure.

Another good option is to open your mouth as wide as possible to force a yawn. The air that comes in will balance the pressure. You can also hold your nose and exhale with your mouth closed, but not too hard; as this can damage the eardrums.

If the ear is blocked because of a cold or sinusitis, taking a steam bath can be a perfect and, above all, complete solution. Inhale the steam to decongest not only the ear but also the nose.

Learn to treat sinusitis naturally.

More tips for treating a plugged ear…

If you add a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil or a little coarse salt to boiling water, you will get better results. You can also blow your nose with a handkerchief several times to expel any extra mucus and relieve general congestion.

In addition to those mentioned above, you can use hydrogen peroxide, putting one or two drops in the capped ear. It is advisable to lie down with the affected ear free, as it may take a few minutes to enjoy the relief.

Inflammation in the capped ear

If congestion is caused by living in a dry environment, use an air humidifier in the living room or bedroom. This will help to remove the accumulated mucosa and unplug the ear canal and nose.

A homemade recipe that has been used for many years is to pour hot water into a bottle and cap it. You can also use the typical hot water bottle or, for the more modern ones, an electric pillow.

Lay it in the hot water, supporting your ear and soon you  will feel the wax start to melt.

Finally, it is always advisable to seek medical attention if the obstruction becomes continuous and none of the treatments work. It is important not to exceed your application nor the amount applied as it can cause worse problems.

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