Letting Go Is Not Losing, It Is Accepting What Cannot Be

Even though at first it seems that the world falls on us, we must let go of everything that is bad so that the good things can come.
Letting go is not losing, it's accepting what can't be

Letting go is the most natural process in life  and yet the most complex and one that causes the most suffering.

Ending a relationship, losing a loved one, changing habits, work, home. These are all renunciations that we will experience at some point in our life cycle;  something that nobody prepares for and that we learn almost “by force”.

There is no magic formula that can be used to better face situations marked by detachment, by emotional pain that, if not properly managed, can cause, for example, depression.

However, we can offer essential resources that you can lean on, simple reflections to keep in your day-to-day, and with which you can  get a little light in moments of complexity.

let go to be able to receive

If we think about it for a moment, we will realize that the act of “letting go” is an eternal music that inhabits the background of our lives.

We need to understand that these words, let go, are not exclusively linked to pain, or loss or suffering.

Sometimes letting go is a way of allowing ourselves to be a little happier too.

  • Renouncing what harms us is prioritizing well-being.
  • Letting go of those who hurt us is to gain health and personal balance.
  • Letting go of certain limiting habits, thoughts and attitudes is gaining opportunities and development.

So, it’s worth remembering that the act of having to “let go”, of letting go or letting go, is also an opportunity to renew ourselves and keep growing as people.

However, as we know, other occasions involve a difficult goodbye, which it is necessary to know how to accept with courage. Let’s see what are the best strategies to face it.


Give it time: the beautiful things will reappear

When we lose something or someone, when we let them go, we feel like a door has closed in front of us to announce the end of the world.

  • In fact, for at least two or three months we believe it is.
  • During the time the natural mourning process takes place; Emotional release, support, and taking on the reality of the situation will help.
  • Now, one must understand that “letting go” is also an act of unsurpassed courage. Because no one can live tied to suffering and pain.
  • When we lose someone we must “ let go”  so that this natural process that is goodbye allows us to also move forward, not forgetting what was left behind, but being brave to smile again.

We need to give it time. It is possible that nothing will ever be the same again; but whether it’s different or not doesn’t mean it will necessarily be bad. Quite the contrary, since we can take a step towards new happy situations.

You have to let go of what doesn’t want to stay

There are times in our lives when we are obsessed with the desire that nothing will change, and even with the idea that whoever is with us cannot leave us, even if they no longer love us. It is not right.

  • It is necessary to know that there is no greater source of suffering than denial, than keeping our eyes closed in front of a reality that is crumbling and that we ourselves are trying to hide.
  • It is necessary to let that which is no longer self-supporting go;  otherwise we will live in a painful and uncertain falsehood that no one deserves.
  • It takes  courage and facing reality. If they don’t love us, there is no reason to ask for charity, nor to “extend things a little more”. All of these are direct attacks on self-esteem.

In some cases, even though it seems incredible to us, letting go of what no longer holds is a way to find better things.

Life will teach you who to fight for and who is best to renounce

In this intense process of letting go, of getting rid of what hurts, of those who don’t love us; we begin an interesting procedure through which we can  discover everything that really matters to us.

  • It doesn’t matter if along this path we are left with few. It doesn’t matter if there are only four people on our side, if there are two interests on which we have decided to focus our lives.
  • If that’s what makes you happy, if it’s these people, those things that really enrich your mind and heart; so all the detachment you did was worth it.

Also don’t forget that  what was left behind was critical. 

Everything experienced is important; because although none of that is part of your destiny, it is part of your personal history.

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