Nuts: Discover The Best Properties

Do you know the health properties of nuts? Stay tuned below!
Nuts: discover the best properties

A food that should be more present in our daily diet is nuts, without a doubt. Its consumption offers a huge amount of health benefits, as it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins very useful to keep our body healthy and active.

It also provides us with significant amounts of antioxidants, which benefit our cells. In addition, it is known that they contain and offer their frequent consumers  proteins, B vitamins, vitamin A, amino acids such as lecithin, omega-3s, all of which provide countless benefits, ready to help us reduce bad cholesterol.

When consuming nuts, in addition to enjoying their flavor, we will be eating a fruit capable of benefiting us a lot; without requiring great effort on our part.

What else do we find in nuts?

In the list of benefits offered by nuts are also polyunsaturated fatty acids, folic acid and magnesium, components that, once consumed, help reduce bad cholesterol.

It is known that walnuts contain properties that promote good blood circulation and increase the production of red blood cells.

How do antioxidants work?

This fruit offers a powerful amount of antioxidants that help us to prevent neurodegenerative diseases, cell aging and protect us from the possibility of contracting some types of cancer.

Another important point is that the antioxidants that walnuts contain, when consumed frequently, help to treat Alzheimer’s.

In other words, people who are prone to developing it or who are already suffering from it, benefit a lot when they add to their diet the daily consumption of nuts.

The antioxidants help slow the symptoms of the disease, but may not cure it;  since Alzheimer’s has no cure, only control.

Even so, by consuming antioxidant-rich nuts, it will be possible to minimize the effects of the disease, since they delay the aging of cells, preventing them from oxidizing and becoming inflamed, which is the main factor for this disease to start. to develop.

how to consume the nuts


Another pertinent information is that, in addition to antioxidants, they are high in calcium and, therefore, help to keep bones strong and healthy.

Elderly people and women who suffer from hormonal changes are very likely to suffer from osteoporosis. These people should consume nuts, precisely because of this amount of calcium offered by the fruit.

In addition to calcium, they will enjoy lecithin and vitamin B, which are very beneficial to the nervous system; as well as enhancing intellectual development, keeping mental health at peak levels.

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How often to eat nuts?

Definitely, walnuts are the typical food to be included in the  daily diet.

However, as with other foods, consumption should not be exaggerated; after all, they are caloric.

The consumption of this fruit brings a feeling of satiety; what holds hunger longer and, consequently, prevents us from eating several times during the day.

how often to eat nuts

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