Others Are Your Mirror. What Are They Trying To Show You?

Have you ever considered the possibility that other people’s behavior that bothers you so much might show you one of your weaknesses?

Did you know that others are like a mirror and reflect you? Maybe you haven’t realized it, but  you are always relating to yourself through others.

Let’s put an example. Is it true that there are things about other people that annoy your friends but don’t influence you at all? This is because they see something in others that they have and so they react.

The problem is that  we think that what makes us react is not ours, but someone else’s fault. That’s the first mistake.

If it were not ours, we would let it go completely unnoticed that the other is a liar, an infidel, or has another quality that we consider undesirable.

If others are your mirror, enjoy it!

We may consider it terrible that others are our mirrors. However, it is  an excellent opportunity to see what we need to heal from ourselves.

For example, if someone who criticizes others a lot bothers you and you can’t stand it, stay tuned! It’s possible that you are being too hard on yourself, that you demand too much from you, and that you need to let go.

In another case, if you are experiencing infidelity or have been through multiple relationships where you “take the horn,”  check to see if you are being unfaithful to yourself in some way.

Where are you not respecting your values?

As you can see, the mirror does not indicate that you are critical of others or unfaithful in the relationship, but it is about the relationship you have with yourself.

In this way, it is necessary to make an interpretation in which only your experience can help you.

Thanks to others, you see what you need to improve.

If you are in a relationship where the other person is very attached and it bothers you, what happens to your mother? Do you have an inner desire that she was closer to you?

Don’t blame others for what you feel

We tend to leave our happiness in the hands of others  and we do so with other kinds of things too. For example, we hold others responsible for our anger.

However, no one can cause us a reaction other than what we want to feel, unless we are opening an already existing wound.

For example, if a boss mentions an improvement at work and you feel a great rejection of it, you may have a lot of insecurity.

What each mirror reflects is that you must begin to focus on yourself,  that you must center on you, and begin to take responsibility for yourself.

It is not very comfortable to make others responsible for what happens to us. However, this unfaithful person who bothers us so much and who may even be directly affecting us is telling us something.

Your relationships tell you what to change

Sometimes we suffer a lot because our friends never call us and we are always the ones who have to take the initiative; at others, we complain because we always end up bumping into the same kind of couple who end up making us suffer.

If you feel pain, if something is not right in your relationships, take advantage of it  so that you can see inside yourself what is wrong.

Since we always focus on others, let us know how to read them. Let us not believe that what they do has nothing to do with us, let us not think that it is because they are selfish or bad people.

Let’s focus on what our way of relating to others wants to tell us. Maybe we’ve given too much and don’t let others have the space to demonstrate, too, that they can do things for the relationship.

If we always stumble across the same pattern of people, maybe we’re not respecting or loving each other. Maybe we even suffer some kind of addiction.

It’s time to take the blindfolds off.

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