Overcome The Fear Of Being Criticized With These Tips

The fear of being criticized can greatly limit us and cause us to stop following certain dreams that would make us very happy. We must face this fear so that it stops conditioning us.
Overcome the fear of being criticized with these tips

The  fear of being criticized  is much more common than we believe.

The person who experiences it is always alert to what others might think about each step they take. This limits your actions, your freedom to be and ends up causing you not to take risks and stay in your comfort zone.

Motivational author Scott Mautz asserts that fear of criticism is debilitating when we don’t know how to manage it.

According to Mautz, author of Find the Fire , no one likes criticism, but some manage it better than others.

Where does the fear of being criticized come from?

Its origins are more likely to be traced back to childhood, in which devaluation on the part of parents and lack of recognition generated a negative dependence on other people’s opinions.

The fear of being criticized is on your mind

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Perhaps you have had a traumatic experience in which you have been judged and embarrassed. So, in a similar scenario, what happened a while ago comes to mind.

But who guarantees that the same will not happen?

Perhaps, on this occasion no one will criticize you. What’s more, maybe what  you’ve achieved so far has filled you so much that these criticisms will remain in the past. 

So the next time you have a project or want to chase a dream and fear sets in, dare to move forward without fear.

Try to prove through actions that what you are thinking will come true. Go ahead. Take a chance.

Many critics camouflage envy

Another way to overcome the fear of being criticized is to  start seeing criticism for what it often is: envy. 

People who dare not pursue their dreams, or who are also afraid of being judged, envy those who go on without fearing anything.

So, if you are a person who is afraid of criticism, you may feel identified with this aspect. It’s completely normal.

When  we don’t dare to do what we want, we watch with a certain envy who does it and moves on regardless of what others might think. 

Rather than following a refugee in the comfort zone, you should see this as an opportunity to start doing the same.

The only way to overcome a fear is to face it and start taking action.

If you fail, learn from the mistake

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While criticisms from the past can hurt, it  ‘s important that you don’t let them limit you.

Is it true that it failed, but that it never failed? The interesting thing is that it can convert failures into its true allies, that it learns from each stumble.

Understand criticism as something inevitable. American writer Elbert Hubbard says that “The only way not to be criticized is to do nothing and be nothing.”

Change your view of failures. Start taking them as opportunities to learn, to improve and keep striving to get what you want. Building something from scratch is never simple. Furthermore, mistakes and misunderstandings help to move forward.

Remember you own your life

If you are afraid of being criticized, remember that you are the owner of your life. Also, write it on a sticky note, if necessary, and post it in a visible place in your home.

Nobody will live it for you. Besides, your life is a blank paper. Will you allow others to write on it?

The moment you leave your dreams in the minds of others and don’t act, then failure will be assured. You will not be happy.

If you stop to think, the opinions of others really aren’t that important. Because only yours should worry you.

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