Relaxation Techniques For Deep Sleep

When going to bed, in addition to turning off the cell phone and the television, we should try to leave our worries out of the room.

One of the usual problems nowadays is the lack of sleep. This has many reasons and, on the other hand, several consequences. It is essential to rest daily in order to regain strength, regenerate tissues and let go of stress. Discover some relaxation techniques for sleeping in this article.

the time to sleep is sacred

Perhaps you already know that the mind is very powerful. But beware, this can be good or bad. We can make the situation better or worse.

In the particular case of sleep, it is not simply a matter of resting your head on a pillow and “waiting” for sleep to arrive, but rather of relaxing so that it becomes a wonderful and pleasurable sensation.

There are many natural ways to sleep well and not have to resort to pills or syrups. We must not leave the television on or read in bed.

These habits are negative for health and, in the case of drugs, they generate dependence.

It is recommended, on the other hand, not to watch movies, series or TV shows that show violence, deaths, bad news, make us cry or make us afraid, as the central nervous system will be excited and unbalanced when sleeping, being more difficult for that to happen.

Nowadays, it is very common to take a cell phone anywhere, including bed.

If a minute before we turn off the light and close our eyes, send messages or check social media, it will be more difficult to fall asleep.

It is advisable to leave the device as far away from the bed as possible at night and disable the internet.


Another separate paragraph deserves the misuse we make of the bedroom. This is not to say that it is bad to have breakfast in bed on weekends, but to lie down to work or study, for example.

No matter how sleepy you may be, but want to “get ahead” for the exam or report submission your boss asked for, the bed should not be used for work or study.

Finally, food, which is more than related to the way you sleep and rest. If your dinner was plentiful, full of fried foods, fats and sugars, if you drank alcohol or coffee, then it may be a few hours before you can rest properly.

In addition to having an early dinner and allowing two hours to go before bedtime, it is vital to eat little, not to repeat the dish and drink herbal tea, which is healthier than caffeine. Prefer raw and not too elaborated foods. Or eat a small amount.

Relaxation techniques to sleep through the night

Enjoying the hours of sleep is not a fad, but a necessity. Charge your mind with positive thoughts and truly rest in a deep and completely restorative way.

Sleeping well can help you to let go of stress, excessive tiredness, muscle pain, worry, anxiety and nervousness.

relaxation techniques

How to do this? With a meditation technique that does not fail and that, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, can help fight or treat certain diseases if it is practiced assiduously.

Once you start trying it out, you won’t regret it and will continue to do it every day.

Keep in mind that at first the mind will reject the practice and it will be a little difficult to concentrate and relax, but don’t force the situation, don’t get angry or give up.

If you are used to other sleeping techniques (such as television or drugs), it will cost you even more to respond to natural methods, but don’t give up, sooner or later you will.

Educate your mind by meditating, not just to sleep well at night, but to achieve whatever you have in mind. Follow these steps:

Relaxation Techniques: Light Dinner

We’ve already talked about the consequences of eating too much at night. If your body is occupied with digestion, it can’t do anything else. If you go to bed right then, you will feel very heavy in the morning or you may wake up in the middle of the night.

Do as many people, before bedtime, eat a fruit or drink tea with biscuits.

Relaxation Techniques: Get a Massage

Press your fingertips into your scalp, from your forehead to the back of your neck. There are some devices that can help, or ask a family member to help you with the most difficult areas.

This should take about five or ten minutes; after that time you will feel more relaxed.

relaxation exercises

Relaxation techniques: play calm music

If you live in the city, you will certainly be used to the noise. But that doesn’t mean they’re good for your health. Put on calm, instrumental music, like those used in meditation or yoga classes, in a Hindu or Buddhist style.

You can also listen to classical music. There are songs that recall certain sounds of nature, such as the chirping of birds, the waterfall of a river or the rain hitting the window.

Try some of these options until you find the one that will help you relax!

Relaxation Techniques: Breathe Consciously

Breathing is a very wonderful and unconscious act. Before bed, sit very straight on the edge of the bed, with your back straight and your shoulders slightly back.

Take a deep breath through your nose (you can close your eyes to relax more), slowly and three times. With each exhalation, imagine you are letting go of tension, stress, and worry. As you inhale, think that a soft, serene light that illuminates your body is entering.

Relaxation techniques: move your feet and hands

In the same position, start moving your feet up and down, to the sides, making circles with your ankles, etc. Do the same with your hands and wrists. You will see the good results you will get.

You’ll go to bed happy and relaxed… And you’ll sleep like a little angel.

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