Remaining Silent Is More Than Not Talking

Even though it may initially frighten us, remaining silent allows us to connect with ourselves and realize that we are not alone.

Remaining silent not only means being silent,  but that this seemingly passive action goes much further.

The absence of words does not imply that they disappear. Because, sometimes, we think we stop communicating when we shut up, but actually, we convey much more than we believe.

However, we are not aware of the time we spend talking about things that are meaningless.

Now, this has one goal: to escape from various fears.

Remaining silent makes us feel alone

woman at sea

Are you afraid of loneliness? Remaining silent is difficult because it makes us feel alone. We are used to being surrounded by noise and people.

They educated us so that we are afraid of not having a supportive family, of people who love us, of friends who want to stay with us.

Therefore, thinking about the fact of disappearing under the muteness of silence leads us to a spiral of fear and terror from which we try to get out.

The way to do it is to speak. We waste time talking about things we’ve done,  what we’re going to do, or what we’d like to do.

We communicate desires and frustrations, we release our anger through verbal abuse.

We manifest everything through our words, however, we do not think for a moment to remain silent.

Remaining silent invites us to reflect and inquire. However, this is attractive as well as frightening us.

sad and silent woman

Not only will we find solutions to our problems, it may be the fact that you feel alone when you are with yourself. As well as coming face to face with mistakes and mistakes you made.

Show only your best image

This fear of loneliness that accompanies us and that makes us speak for ourselves causes that, when we are with other people, we only show the best of ourselves.

To do this, we communicate through words, since silence can make us understand that we are not doing very well or that we have some other problem.

We fake it in front of everyone else and sometimes we believe our own lie. 

The fact that we don’t take a single minute to delve into ourselves is a clear indication that there is something we don’t like.

Do you feel happy? Who are you really? These questions should get you a smile and a quick, concise answer.

silent woman

However, this is most certainly not the case.

When was the last time you really enjoyed the moment you were living?

Words help us to mask everything that we must face,  but that gives us so much panic.

enjoy the silence

Perhaps you’ve found yourself repeatedly talking to yourself. Someone who stayed home doing some chores and didn’t have anyone else with you.

This is an attitude that we don’t control and that is preventing this terrible silence that we don’t like at all.

However, imagine that you are in an empty room, in the dark, and that you cannot leave it until you can be truly silent.

In the beginning it will be difficult. He will start talking to himself, he will cry, he will scream…. But in the end, you will get tired.

You will learn to be silent when words run out,  and there will be no choice but to enjoy silence. It is then that you will discover the following:

  • You will be aware of your fear of being alone, but you will notice that in the green you are not afraid. Have yourself!
  • You’ll stop blaming others for what happens to you  and start to become responsible for all those things you didn’t want to carry in your bag of mistakes.
  • You will know your good and your bad parts, and you will understand both.
  • You’ll see how stupid it is to want to like everyone  and show yourself as someone you’re not. You will find authenticity is the best of all.
keys falling in silence

Remaining silent helps us to reason before speaking,  to analyze situations and ourselves, to be aware of how we are going to act.

Many people act without thinking because they are not used to the absence of words.

Silence enriches us. Will you let him into your life?

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