Spirulina, An Amazing Food

Spirulina improves the appearance and health of our skin, our nails and our hair, as it contains antioxidants that delay aging.

Perhaps, to the naked eye, spirulina does not seem very tempting, as it has a very peculiar aroma and a characteristic intense green tone.

However, in addition to its appearance somewhat strange or unfamiliar to most people, spirulina is considered a superfood, capable of offering an incredible variety of nutrients to our body.

Therefore, both the WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN (United Nations) recommended the incorporation of spirulina in our daily diet as a food supplement.

If that sounds like a little to you, NASA included the item in their astronauts’ food during their space missions, which gives us an idea of ​​the high nutritional value of this natural product.

This very healthy food is also often consumed by athletes who participate in high competitions to improve their performance, as it has been proven to help reduce recovery time and strengthen the body’s defenses.

If you want to enjoy the privilege of consuming it, find more reasons to do so below.

What is spirulina?

In general, it is said that spirulina is a blue-green alga, shaped like a spiral, even though there are researchers who claim that it is not an alga in itself, but another type of living organism.

But, regardless of scientific speculation and its titles, what may really interest us is that spirulina contains proteins that are much more digestible than those of beef, for example, and a wide range of nutrients that are extremely beneficial to our body.

As for its vitamin content, in spirulina we can find vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, folic acid, as well as vitamins E and H. It is also known that spirulina is the richest natural source of vitamin B12.

Spirulina, a magic food

Spirulina has truly amazing effects on health, and has a history of over a hundred years included in human food.

There are even researchers who assert that it was part of the menu of some American civilizations such as the Incas and Aztecs, who enjoyed it and combined it with a multitude of foods.

Did you know that spirulina helps you lose weight?

Spirulina helps you lose weight

When consuming it, the body immediately begins to experience its appetite-reducing effect and we feel that we are full or at least not hungry for longer periods.

This happens because “algae” is a food rich in different nutrients, proteins and minerals, thus, it is able to supply our food needs very well and makes our body reduce the requirement to absorb more food.

Therefore, this natural product is mainly recommended for people who need to lose weight.

The reduced appetite caused by spirulina makes it much easier to reduce the amount of food we eat at each meal, as well as how often we eat.

In this way, the weight loss process becomes “faster”, and we do not feel hunger and anxiety, which usually sabotage all our effort.

Spirulina is also very rich in iodine, a very effective component for stimulating the thyroid gland, accelerating metabolism and thus favoring the much faster processing of fats in our body.

It also has a high content of phenylalanine, an amino acid that helps to reduce the feeling of appetite, and has multiple functions in the human body.

Spirulina against aging

Another important aspect to know about spirulina is that it has antioxidant agents that help the body to keep us younger, as these same agents delay the effects of aging.

Such benefit is especially notable in the appearance and health of our skin, our nails and our hair.

When we say that spirulina contains agents with antioxidant effects, it means that they fight and reduce the negative effects of so-called free radicals, which are nothing more than highly reactive substances that accelerate the aging process, deteriorating our cells and tissues.

Free radicals are produced by our own body when we maintain an inadequate diet, subject it to stress or become sedentary people.

How to find it and consume it?

Many people consume spirulina in capsules or its powdered extract. You can also find it in pills  at stores specializing in the sale of natural products.

It is likely that, for those who until then did not know of its existence, they never noticed that in some pharmacies or on the internet it is possible to buy spirulina.

In stores, dietetics stores and homeopathic pharmacies you will undoubtedly find it.

How to prepare spirulina

There are a large number of online stores that offer this product for health care.

Spirulina is usually offered as a powder, to be added to vegetable or fruit vitamins, as well as to sprinkle on salads that will undoubtedly be part of your diet if you decide to add it to healthy foods.

What is the recommended amount for consumption?

Experts advise that children and people who have recently started adding it to their diet, consume spirulina in doses of 3 to 5 grams per day.

In the case of adults, we can gradually increase this daily dose until reaching 5 to 10 grams.

If you want to lose weight, don’t think that the more spirulina you consume daily, the more you will lose weight. As we know, and as the proverb says, “anything in excess is bad” and  our body is only able to properly assimilate a certain dose of seaweed per day.

Keep in mind that the weight loss process doesn’t happen overnight and there’s no need to despair. It is important that you keep the indicated dose and the amounts of food according to your physical conditions. 

Thus, the results will be better because you will reach the desired weight and stay healthy to fully enjoy.

Finally, did you know that due to its formidable properties, spirulina was considered one of the “superfoods” of the future?

So don’t wait any longer, try and add this wonder to your food. Enjoy the incredible effects it will have on your body.

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